Like Father, Like Dog

I came to a startling realization yesterday.

My dog looks like my husband.

For visual evidence of this fact, consult picture, below:

Trent and Sam

Trent and Sammypants, on our kitchen floor.

Okay, so maybe it’s not totally apparent to everyone else, but I’m telling you — they’re starting to MORPH INTO THE SAME BEING. Note, for example, that Sammy’s spots are exactly the same color as Trent’s beard…

Sam's liver fur.

Sam's liver fur.

Trent's liver beard.

Trent's liver beard.

It’s a glorious shade of what the SPCA calls, “liver.” And Trent’s beard is the only place on his body where this color hair is to be found (i.e., the beard doesn’t match the chops and the mop).

On our first date, when we emerged from the dark happy hour bar into the light of day and I really SAW Trent for the first time, I now-famously exclaimed, “Holy crap! You have a red beard!” Can you imagine if that had been, “Holy crap! You have a liver beard!”?

Now, perhaps you missed this before, but notice the intensity of the gaze in this photo…

I just found out the other day (from the SPCA) that Sammy has an ACTUAL birthday. Aaannnddd… iiiittt’sss…

November 19th.

5 days after Trent’s.


Both Sam and Trent can bore holes into your soul with the intensity of their gaze, dammit (among other devices). THEY ARE SCORPIOS. DON’T EFF WITH THEM.

Now, lest you think they’re 100% pure intensity, witness the similarities in their expressions of joy:

Sam and Trent with similar expressions of joy.

NOW do you see?

But wait! They even dress alike. Note Sam’s new green and gold collar (comes with matching leash):

Sam's green and gold collar.


I bought it for him. But Sam picked it out (he did; don’t ask how). And now I know why.

Trent in the same colors as Sam's collar.


As of yet, I’m unconcerned about this super-human-dog-being they seem to be creating. Because I love them both immensely. And I’m thinking Sam might now be good for doing dishes, too.

However, it’s possible I may get weirded out if Sammy hops on a skateboard or picks up an electric guitar some day.

Take note, dog.

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One thought on “Like Father, Like Dog

  1. Oh my gosh! It is true what they say! You end up looking just like your dog! Lisa, this is an amazing and hilarious take on Trent and his dog! Thank you for making me smile. And I think that is my most favorite picture of Trent, the last one, where he looks half asleep. Now I see why you married him! Love, Mom

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