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Kickstart My Friendship

In two days we leave for a week of vacation in Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park. We’re desperately in need of a vacation, after the month we’ve had.

But actually, getting through escrow was probably the easiest accomplishment of the past month. Our escrow process wasn’t that bad at all. Inspections yielded better news on the house than expected, our loan was approved instantly, underwriter didn’t ask us one single question.

But it was still all happening, and on TOP of it, I had probably the most stressful month I’ve had yet at my job. I was also feeling a little under the weather (MS-style), and had a bunch of doctor’s appointments. Annoy-o. And of course Trent had to send the magazine out last week.

AND, there were a few things that came up which we shan’t put out in a public forum just yet… But they’re good. Just time consuming.

So, the house is now pretty much done, the loan docs signed. The work projects are over, the magazine is out. The bill of health is clean, the dog-sitter is lined up (thank you, Katy!). We’re doing the laundry, packing, and getting excited. For many reasons.

But the main reason is that this isn’t just a vacation. We’re going to Costa Rica for a wedding: the wedding of my friend, John, and his fiance, Ashley. I’ve known John for over 20 years, and this is going to be a week-long tropical party with people I’ve known since–as I like to put it–they all had mullets and I had a mushroom cut.

Let’s take a look back at the past 20+ years, then, shall we? Continue reading

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Come and Get It…

Sam taunting me with his ball in Joauin Miller Park.

I'd love to see you try to get it from me with a cell phone blocking your line of vision, you stupid human...

Introducing my new blog category: snippets. In which I will post one photo that I absolutely have to share, immediately upon taking it, along with a few thoughts.

The thoughts related to this one, being…

  1. My dog cracks me the EFF UP.
  2. He’s like a cross between the dog versions of Jesse Owens and Micky Ward.
  3. There’s absolutely no reason he hangs out with me other than that he REALLY loves me, because I must seem so very slow and boring to him. A total buzzkill. This makes me: a.) sad that I’m inferior to a dog, but b.) happy that I’m so unconditionally loved.

Why do people have cats again?

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We just had the most awesome weekend.

I finally met Baby Audrey! For those of you who’ve already forgotten, Baby Audrey is partly responsible for my quitting Facebook. She’s a mighty influential six-month-old.

She’s also the daughter of my college roommate, Ellen, and her husband, Chris. They’re probably the two most mellow, laid-back, awesomely chill people I know. I love hanging out with them because I constantly hope some of that will rub off on me. I don’t know if it did this weekend (I’m not really sure if it ever does, actually), but I definitely got to kiss a lot of baby cheeks.

Cheeks like THESE!!!

Audrey and Mom on Hippie Hill.

Audrey and Mom on Hippie Hill. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!

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Black Line of Death!

I panicked yesterday.

This actually happens to me a lot because, simply put, I have access to too much information in my daily life. I’ve always worked in the museum world, in an educational capacity, surrounded by scholars, artists, scientists, historians — really smart people. It’s been one of the best things about my life but also, at times, one of my biggest stumbling blocks.

You see, I’m a huge worrywort. Sometimes it’s better if I just don’t know certain things. Once I learn something, I can’t UNlearn it. I can’t pretend I don’t know what I know — I’m not that kind of person. I can’t NOT do anything about something that needs something done about it. You see? Continue reading

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Yard Is Where The Heart Is

We went to Fresno this weekend: that great mecca of tract housing and mini malls.

I LOVE Fresno. So much so that I call it FresYES. I grew up in the Midwest — in the suburbs of Detroit’s West Side. And although I wouldn’t outright call myself a fan of tract housing and mini malls, I’m sort of from the place where those things were invented. And so whenever I enter the perfectly symmetrical Fresno city grid, I can’t help but feel a little intoxicated.

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