Come and Get It…

Sam taunting me with his ball in Joauin Miller Park.

I'd love to see you try to get it from me with a cell phone blocking your line of vision, you stupid human...

Introducing my new blog category: snippets. In which I will post one photo that I absolutely have to share, immediately upon taking it, along with a few thoughts.

The thoughts related to this one, being…

  1. My dog cracks me the EFF UP.
  2. He’s like a cross between the dog versions of Jesse Owens and Micky Ward.
  3. There’s absolutely no reason he hangs out with me other than that he REALLY loves me, because I must seem so very slow and boring to him. A total buzzkill. This makes me: a.) sad that I’m inferior to a dog, but b.) happy that I’m so unconditionally loved.

Why do people have cats again?

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4 thoughts on “Come and Get It…

  1. This is very Facebook-post-like….

  2. That is one happy dog! That face is pure, unadulterated joy. And that expression is one of pure focus and “engagement”. I wish humans could engage you like that. And to think I never used to be a dog lover! I am a Sammy lover for sure! I

  3. Megan Drace says:

    So they can shit in your house?

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