Homeownership is here. It’s already a pain in the ass, but here are a couple nice moments we’ve managed to squeeze in in the first three days of contractor meetings and estimates and number crunching and wading through weeds (literally)…

Our car parked in our driveway.

Car gets to come ALL the way home with us now!

Sam in his new back yard.

Sammypants has essentially three different tiers of grass to poop on, and he’s already conquered them all.

Trent and Sam on our deck.

The men of the house are pondering what it will take to keep this awesome deck from falling into the yard… Hmm…

And it’s not all a pain in the ass —

While harassing the former owner to bring us the rest of the keys (yep), we did learn that we already have a huge home composting bin, an ENORMOUS fig tree, an herb garden, citrus trees, a fruiting grape vine, and we think also a pear tree.

Not a bad start! Once we get it all out from under the weeds…


Eh. Whatever. So our sewer lateral also needs to be COMPLETELY replaced. And the deck is most likely unsafe. Trent’s parents hooked us up with an awesome contractor who reminds me of my grandfather — dago and everything — so I know it’ll be alright. My Gianni told me so. And Mr. Gianni has an awesome mustache.

However, Mr. Gianni couldn’t predict that Trent would have a bachelor party disaster on Saturday night…

Trent on crutches in our apartment kitchen.

Gimpy husband. 😦

So! We need the gods of home ownership to take mercy on us and heal Trent’s ankle fast, so we can get back to work building our new fence for Sammy and stuff.

In the meantime, watch out for gimpy home renovation pics — coming soon to this blog near you…

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13 thoughts on “Underway

  1. Those pictures of a dog and his master gazing out over his property make it all worthwhile, don’t they? And a composting bin? And a fig tree? Lisa, you have got to be in heaven! Legs will heal and sewers can get fixed. And save the weeds for me! I LOVE pulling weeds. It is so relaxing! I will help with the yard work! Can’t wait to get there and gaze off that deck with you. Grandpa says there is nothing like being a land owner! Wisdom from the dagos……………………..



  2. suki says:

    You can make wine and jam! 😀

  3. Oh, fiiiiigs. It was always so sad that Marlene’s fig tree never had good figs… Mmmm

  4. Yeah, but when we were done working in the auto factory, we planted tomatoes in the back yard and sat in a folding chair, watering them with the hose and drinking annisette.

  5. Ellen says:

    Ah yes weeds. Weeds are the bane of homeownership!

  6. […] closed on 3675 on May 4, 2012: just shy of our one-year wedding anniversary. We moved in on June 1, 2012: the day before my 34th […]

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