Boot > Crutches

Trent modeling his new boot outside his office.

Mobile again! For the most part…

Trent is no longer on crutches! He graduated to a walking boot (thank EFFING GOD), and his mobility is thus restored to about 75%. That means I’m no longer doing EVERYTHING that we, the dog, and the new house require (although as long as we’re in the old place, I’ve consented to still driving him to work in the morning because I like the extra time with my chipper caffeine-free hubby).

This is a good thing for all involved, except for…


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4 thoughts on “Boot > Crutches

  1. Sarah Wisniewski says:

    As a professional, “retard boot” wearer, I must say, he’s rocking the look.

  2. What a relief to see him up and around again! Did Trent give up caffeine?!?!?

    Remember, I have offered to pull the weeds. I find it oddly relaxing.

    Love, Mom

  3. […] bone from his past. Almost exactly five years ago, when we were moving into our then-new house and Trent was on crutches, the doctor looked at his x-ray quizzically, and informed us he had broken his foot about ten years […]

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