Temples on Fire!

Status update!

We now have a LOT of fruit trees.

Fruit from our new backyard.

A sampling of product from the new Temple Cannery.

Well — we always had a lot of fruit trees. We just now KNOW we have a lot of fruit trees. These may include…

  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Pears
  • Limes
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Figs
  • Grapes (okay, this is a vine, not a tree)
  • Blackberries (also a vine, not a tree)

And, the apple tree appears to be a grafted tree. Meaning, it’s producing two different kinds of fruit, and we aren’t sure yet what the other kind of fruit is.

A fruit MYSTERY! How exciting…

Branches heavy with fruit.

Sooo much fruit.

We figured this out because we spent a lot of time in the yard this weekend, and it’s starting to look like people might actually love it and care about it. But that was just one of many projects we took on.

One of MANY, people! Aren’t you impressed?

We also (more bullets! wee!)…

  • Removed the garbage disposal because garbage disposals are NOT ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY
  • Corrected the wonky-ass plumbing the previous owners had concocted to enable the evil garbage disposal’s existence
  • Installed more GFCI outlets
  • Put in a new kitchen sink
  • Packed half the apartment
  • Cleaned!

Alright, alright. We confess. Joyce and Bryce (Trent’s parents) did most of that. They also fed us food and booze, too. They are super in-laws. But we did our best to keep up!

Joyce and Bryce working on the kitchen sink

Super in-laws tag-teaming the kitchen sink.

And our contractors are seriously on fire. Mr. Gianni, the man in charge (with the mustache) put the smackdown on the Oakland Building Department and got our permits, so not only is all our mud, tape, and paint work finished, but our old craptastic and seismically unsafe deck is GONE. And Trent is going to use the abused but still-sturdy old redwood to build us a reclaimed dining room table. A great first use of his late dad’s power tools at the new house.

Reclaimed wood from our deck.

To be reborn as our dining room table…

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be opening up the back wall for the seismic retrofit work. We’re in the home stretch, and getting psyched about moving in (even though it’s a long way from dream home status yet). I’ll continue going by each day in the morning and after work this week to check in with the crew, make deliveries, hoe the backyard and prune my new babies with my supersweet pruning shears!

The back of our house, with the deck demolished.

Ready for smashin’!

Still, for just two weeks in possession, we’ve absolutely dominated the house. We feel confident we’re the kind of people who can handle this level of responsibility.

As long as we keep enough money in our budget’s “beer” line item.

A few more good shots of stuff goin’ down this weekend…

Our building permit

Look, ma! I’m legal!

Our living room, freshly painted.

And we didn’t lift a single brush.

Sam at home in the new house.

Patrolling his new turf.

Our weed-covered backyard.

Field of Weeds. It’s dying, and we’ve made a huge dent.

Trent pulling weeds.

Dominating the weeds.

Lisa with a fig from the fig tree.

Happy after a hard day’s work. With a fig.

Sam rolling in the grass.

Still got a few loafers hangin’ around the job site, though…

See lots more pics of 3675 in progress here.

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8 thoughts on “Temples on Fire!

  1. Marlene says:

    So happy for you.

    • lisatemp says:

      Thank you! You can come over next weekend and help in the garden, if you want, but we’re all gonna need some wine. It ain’t easy work — be careful what you wish for!

  2. This is heaven on earth! Lisa and Trent, you are building a beautiful home together! And God bless your in-laws, Lisa! I am so thankful you have them to help you! I envy them and wish I could be part of the fun. Your home reminds me of growing up in LA and visiting my grandparents in San Diego. Their yard was full of fruit trees, and I always got to pick something when I was there. I can’t wait to taste the delicious harvest, and I am looking forward to Joyce’s jams and jellies. Grandpa is geeked, and wants to know if your are pruning the trees and tending the vines. Your ancestors in Sicily are masters at this and they would be proud of you too.

    I am also looking forward to the day when we sit around your beautiful “reclaimed” dining room table and share our first meal together. I think it is wonderful that you are re-using the wood and Trent is using his dad’s tools to make it. Such a special way to tie generations together and build something lasting for the next generation. There is something “sacred” about tending the land and building something strong, that can withstand whatever nature has to offer. Sort of symbolic.

    And Sam with that ever-present ball in his mouth, patrolling his “territory” – just cracks me up! That dog must think he died and went to doggy heaven, because it don’t get no better than that. I would just make sure he doesn’t eat any of those fallen figs or it could get “interesting”. Ha! Ha!

    Well, to say I wish I was there is definitely an UNDERSTATEMENT. I am yearning for the day when I can sit on your new deck and throw the ball to Sam and eat your figs. I have this strange compulsion to learn how to make fig bars. And live a simpler life.

    Love to ALL at your house!


    • lisatemp says:

      This is an epic comment! But, yes — we are definitely going to make fig bars. Trent demands it. I’m told it’s not easy, but neither is any of the other crap we’re attempting, so whatever.

  3. Looks so great! Can’t wait to visit! I want figs…………. 🙂

  4. Larry says:

    Can I borrow your in-laws I have some stuff that needs to be done in San Mateo?

  5. […] although we had also taken the time to remove the garbage disposal the very first weekend we were in the house, unfortunately, we couldn’t erase the garbage […]

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