All Decked Out

We’re in our final days of construction mayhem now. At least we think… We hope… Although, I don’t really hope too hard, because I really will miss Randy when he’s gone…

But anyway, here’s a little something I’ve learned in the last month:

You’re NEVER really done with a major renovation project. You finish something, only to create something else that must be done. And the cycle repeats.

Case in point: our deck is built now. And it’s beautiful. See?

Sammy sunbathing on our new deck

Check out that city view in the background!

However, in building the deck, we realized that the extra-wide doorwall that leads out to the deck really didn’t, well…

Open. Too well.

What the eff good is a beautiful new deck, with a door in front of it that doesn’t open (especially a very nice, expensive doorwall)?

The answer is: no good. So no-good that you might as well put your foot through the glass, which is what I was about to do when I came home the other day all excited to see the deck up, but couldn’t get the door open to go out and examine it. Randy was on the deck side, and I was on the office side, and we were shouting instructions to each other through the glass, but I COULD NOT GET THE DOOR OPEN! And Kyle had to climb down the scaffold and come in and help me.

Noooooo good.

So yesterday morning when Randy and Kyle showed up for work, and they asked if I wanted them to take the door out and try to fix it, EVEN THOUGH we had already done drywall repairs to the inside of the house, and painted, and unpacked…


And I got what I asked for.

Our deck doorwall, uninstalled.

The doorwall is no longer in the house.

I also paid for what I asked for, which was not in the budget, but of course Randy gave it to me for a steal (it took two of them four hours to level out the floor below where the door had been installed, which is why it didn’t open for crap).

And my door opens now. Like buttah.

However, I now have drywall that needs to be repaired. And paint that needs to be re-painted. Sigh.

But you know — what the hell good is a deck you can’t get on to? It’s the 4th of July next week, and we have fireworks to watch.

3675 is coming along — check out all the pics of our progress here.

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5 thoughts on “All Decked Out

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Well, you have just discovered why I no longer own a home. But you seem to have recovered pretty well from the hysteria. The important thing is that you learned what home renovations are like, and that you need to follow that miscellaneous “$500 rule that your dad and I used to have. No matter what you estimate for a project, add another $500 because that is what it is going to cost you. By the way, the deck is BEAUTIFUL and worth every penny!! And I love Randy too! Love, Mom

  2. Marlene says:

    You got it done! And after you sashay through that door you can gaze upon your little corner of Utopia and it’s yours all yours.

  3. […] week I had the audacity to state here on the blog that, “You’re NEVER really done with a major renovation project.” And God or the devil or Murphy or some evil little band of leprechauns were apparently […]

  4. Can I pretend on I am on a deck in Italy tomorrow when I try this one out?

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