Life [Minus] House

For the past week, we’ve been practicing what I’m now calling “Life Minus House.”

The first week of July has historically been an important week for me, and it seems like it just gets more so as the years go by. So this year, after working our butts off for over a month straight, successfully moving, settling, changing jobs, and reaching stability with our construction projects and our leaking ceiling, we decided to pause and do other stuff. Remember stuff, celebrate stuff, and just enjoy our lives. For one full week.

(Almost one full week — I think when I get done writing this, we’ll probably go to Orchard Supply Hardware to look for some door hardware and maybe stop at Sherwin-Williams to match our good bathroom’s paint. Maybe…)

First off, I started my new job this week, and I had to get some focus around that. Week one was basically a trial by fire, but it was crazy fun and I loved it. I’m managing and curating content for the new e-commerce site, and I love that I’m working on a project called “Get Inspired.” I am inspired. I AM!!!

The new

Totally digging the new job.

It was a good week to start, though, because right in the middle of it, I got a little breather. We used 4th of July as an excuse to christen our new deck. About ten close friends came over for a barbecue, some beer and bubbly, and some s’mores and sparklers around our firepit.

CAVEAT: For those of you who know about my marshmallow trauma — NO, I didn’t have any s’mores (more on the marshmallow trauma for the rest of you some other time).

When the sun went down, as the previous owner of our house had promised, we had a great view to fireworks going off all over the Bay Area. However, we watched them with the assurance that our deck wasn’t going to collapse.

Roasting s'mores by our fire.

Roasting s'mores by our fire.

I loved being in my new home, with my SuperHubs, enjoying the fruits (literally) of our labor with our closest friends on the 4th of July. It took many years for me to learn how to enjoy the 4th again after the way the events of my youth and adolescence scheduled out.

In January 1987, my grandmother died of lymphoma at 60. Six months later on the 4th of July, my grandfather died of kidney failure (my grandmother’s birthday). That year was awful; my father had also been diagnosed with the same lymphoma his mother had just died of, my parents were a year younger than I am now with two kids in grade school and my mother was probably losing her mind (although she didn’t show it). It was our first real summer of funerals (more followed, but that was the first bad one).

Then, six years later, my father succumbed to that f#@%ing lymphoma, on July 1, 1993.

His funeral was on the actual 4th (the public part of it, at least). While people were out barbecuing and celebrating under red, white, and blue, I was wearing an awkward black dress that didn’t quite fit me as a gangly 15-year-old, sweating in the 95 degree weather and intense humidity, riding around town in a Lincoln limousine at the head of a motocade hundreds of cars long, filled with people trying to cope with the intense sadness of watching a healthy, successful man in his 30s waste away to nothing.

It took at least 15 years for me to forget all that. Actually — I haven’t forgotten it (obviously). But at least now I don’t wake up on the 4th of July with flashbacks to the awful koi pond in the Harry J. Will funeral home on 6 Mile Road. I don’t cry any more.

I have a life of my own now. A home and a family that makes me happy, and I enjoyed them on the 4th of July. I intend to do that from now on.

When the weekend arrived, though, we briefly considered going back to Life Plus House, but then… Nah. Screw that. We deserved to have one weekend of Life Minus House, too (at least, Friday and Saturday nights, right?). And, it so happens that July 7th (yesterday) is the five year anniversary of the day we met.

First photo ever taken of Team Temple.

First photo ever taken of Team Temple: 5:00 AM at the Lucky Penny in SF, 7.22.07.

So in honor of surviving the first week of the job, and five years of Lisa + Trent, we did NOT start any more projects. Instead, we went to the Oakland Art Murmur (for the first time!) with Marlene, then hit up some amazing dive bars that we never knew existed in the East Bay. Sam, too — he’s such a lush.

We even spent Saturday night chillin’ with Marlene, too, enjoying a perfect meal on her terrace.

Classic cars at Oakland Art Murmur.

Checkin’ out some classic rides at Art Murmur.

Al fresco dining at Chez Marlene.

Al fresco dining at Chez Marlene.

It’s probably time for us to get back to Life Plus House, but we have one more anniversary to celebrate first…

One year ago today, on July 8, 2011, we expanded Team Temple by one with the addition of the best little rescued rocketship jackrabbit Jack Russell mix puppy in the world, Sam Eastwood Temple…

Sam on the day we brought him home.

Sam on his homecoming day.

(If you wanna see more of that adorable mug, click here for some greatest hits.)

So, it remains to be seen whether we get to Orchard Supply Hardware today or not. Although we LOOOVE Orchard Supply Hardware now, we also love this little furbaby. And we think one more day of Life Minus House will give us the time we need to…

  • Take Sam to the park to play with pups
  • Lay in the backyard with Sam and give him ample belly rubs
  • Clean up all Sam’s stinky poops after we feed him 100% hot dogs and mozzarella cheese for his adoptaversary celebration (yes, he loves hot dogs and mozzarella cheese)

This is what Life Minus House is all about!

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9 thoughts on “Life [Minus] House

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Life minus house is good! See what you would have missed? I thought about you and your sister and your dad on the Fourth of July too, and I wondered if you still thought about it. I am glad that you can think about it without being too sad any more. BTW, are you teaching my grand-doggy to drink?!?! I can’t believe that it has been one year since you got Sammy! My gosh, did that time fly! People always tell you that when you have kids it will fly, but geez, getting a dog has the same effect. Life flies when it is good. And your is all good. The grandparents and I just enjoyed this blog and all the pictures of Sam, together. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It is kind of like we are there. In heaven. With you. Love, Mom

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Okay, I don’t want to depress you but, gosh, do you look “young” in that picture with Trent! And I can’t get over all the curly hair on you two!

  3. lisatemp says:

    Thanks, Munga. I AM YOUNG. STILL.

  4. Viola Pastuszyn says:

    That picture of Trent is about as drunk as I’ve ever seen anybody who is still upright. 🙂

  5. Marlene says:

    Sammy I got you some more treats for you today!
    Thanks for a fun-filled weekend.

  6. Kristin Rice says:

    Love you blog, Lisa! And so great to hear you got a new job!! You know Mandy works at, I’m assuming…? Anyway, so happy that everything is going so great for you.

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