Airness, The Independent, 2012

Airness in action at The Independent: SF Regional Air Guitar 2012 Championship.

Yesterday, after our usual Saturday afternoon itinerary of Home Depot and dog park peppered with lots of scheming and dreaming about the house and our plans for it, we journeyed back into San Francisco for our first city-based social engagement since moving to Oakland over a month ago. 

Yep — I hadn’t set foot in SF since the last box went on the moving truck, and if Trent didn’t work there, he probably wouldn’t have, either. And lemme tell ya — it’s only gonna get harder and harder to get us out of the East Bay. Especially now that we’ve experienced that unique Bay Area phenomenon of hopping on the bus in our neighborhood in perfect warm, sunny, shorts-and-flip-flops weather, only to plunge into the gray, cold, and wind of SF 45 minutes later.

Eff that, dudes. We officially “hella” love Oakland.

However, we also officially hella love our friend and Trent’s former roommate of five years, Matt, aka COLD STEEL RENEGADE. So for him, we gave up a perfect sunny Saturday evening on our deck to freeze our bondorkies (as Munga would say) off in the Panhandle. It was Air Guitar day, and Cold Steel was (until last night) the reigning three-time back-to-back SF/Bay Area Regional Air Guitar Champion. We never miss a Cold Steel performance, and last night’s was clutch, because had he won, he would have been the first-ever four-time consecutive champ.

As I’m sure you figured out by now, that didn’t happen. He came in fourth, but he still melted our faces off. I LITERALLY just finished putting mine back together.

So in honor of the one who’ll always be His Airness to us — whether currently reigning champion or not — here are some of my favorite Cold Steel memories through the years, as captured by me.

The Temples consider it a great honor to have been present when CSR was first working out his routine in the Rhode Island Street apartment… To have witnessed him shredding atop the pool table at The Tempest in SF… To have chucked a beer at a judge who even dared PRETEND to not like his act — and hit him with it… To have him melt the faces off our wedding guests.

And I’m “hella” glad we got off our butts and went back into SF last night to see him pass on the crown to Seth Leibowitz (yep — the new reigning air guitar champ is named Seth Leibowitz).


Cold Steel breakin’ shit with his airness at a fundraiser at The Tempest bar in 2010:


Roomies, bonding at the Boom Boom Room before CSR made his first attempt at defending his title, 2010.

Cold Steel takes home the title of back-to-back champ at The Fillmore (probably the only reason we’ll ever have to be on stage at The Fillmore):

Cold Steel after his second win is announced at The Fillmore.

Cold Steel gets lifted to new heights as the crowds rush the Fillmore Stage.

Cold Steel at our wedding.

Our wedding guests get their faces melted off during a special private performance.

Cold Steel clinches his third consecutive title last year at The Independent:

Cold Steel on stage after his threepeat.

Cold Steel seems taken aback by the adoration after threepeating.

Cold Steel opening up the Two Headed Spy CD release show.

Cold Steel warms up the crowd at Trent’s band’s CD release show, Cafe du Nord, Sept 2011.


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3 thoughts on “Airness!

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I am so honored to say that I know CSR! As a true fan, I would have been right alongside you in SF last night. The house will always be there, but moments like don’t come along every day. Lisa and Trent, you are true and faithful fans and friends. Love, Mom

  2. Carla Daniels says:

    The history of CSR!!! So awesome. Sorry he did not make it 4 years in a row, but what an excellent run. Glad to see you guys at Bean Bag for a bit before my ankle went kapoot. Will need to get out to the sunny Oakland hills again soon, you are right SF weather sucks big time.

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