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Operation: Kickass

We have implemented “Operation: Kick the Yard’s Ass.”

A couple weeks ago, we interviewed some landscapers, one of which we’re planning to hire in October to helps us rebuild all the extensive stonework in our yard and tackle some other taxing manual labor that we just really don’t want to do. Maybe re-sod all of our raised lawn, yada yada…

But in order to justify spending money on that, we’ve decided that we need to suck it up and clean up ALL the rest of the crap the previous ASSHOLE owners of the house left us. And believe us, though we’ve been out there working pretty much every weekend since we moved in, there’s still a lot of crap. Continue reading

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Road Trip

So, my mourning period for Car may be coming to an end already.

I hit the road for the first time in the new car this weekend. Ventured up to Lake Tahoe solo after work on Friday for my friend Jessica’s bachelorette party.

It was a darn comfortable trip. Not to mention a pretty sweet girls’ weekend. Thanks for getting me there, new car…

Zephyr Cove Beach on Lake Tahoe.

Bachelorette party perfection. Don’t expect to see any other pics of the weekend, either; I learned a long time ago that bachelorette parties and cameras don’t mix. Duh.

And we already have Road Trip Number 2 lined up for this coming holiday weekend, so…

I think the new car needs a name?

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In Memoriam

Oh my God.

Car died.

Last shot ever taken of Car.

The last shot ever taken of Car. 9:00 PM, August 21, 2012. San Leandro Hyundai parking lot.

It’s so hard to type those words. She is dead. For real dead. I will never drive her again. Continue reading

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37 Apples A Day

On Saturday, we decided to pick our apple tree.

Tasting the first apple off the tree.

My apple taste test.

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Laurel Love

We’re falling in love with our ‘hood — the Laurel District.

This past weekend was a packed one for us, but we’re still high off the annual Laurel Street Fair, on MacArthur Boulevard, just a couple blocks from our house.

The 2012 Laurel Street Fair.

MacArthur Boulevard by our house on Saturday afternoon.

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