To Build A Home

We drove to Fresno last weekend to pick up some redwood chaise lounges that have been in Trent’s family for decades.

Our redwood chaise lounges

The Eastwood loungers, in their new home by our firepit.

Trent’s grandpa, Burgess Eastwood (that is THE BEST grandpa name ever), restored these chairs a lifetime ago for one of Trent’s aunts that I don’t think Trent’s ever even met. Since then they’ve been on several porches, including Grandpa Burgess’s up in the mountains outside of Yosemite, all through Trent’s childhood. We don’t really know where they came from or how old they are, but they’re definitely beautiful. And comfy.

Burgess and Dorothy (yes, that’s Trent’s grandma’s name — these people are real, and they’re just as lovely as their names make them sound) are 92 and 89 respectively now. They still live on their own; Burgess still restores furniture. They’ve just retired to a smaller home in Fresno, though, and they offered us the chairs for our new yard.

Obviously, that was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Burgess and Dorothy Eastwood.

Burgess and Dorothy Eastwood, married 73 years this year.

We borrowed Trent’s cousin Chris’s old pickup and drove through the Valley in 110 degree heat to retrieve them — without air conditioning (poor Sammy, too). Of course, that feat was nothing compared to our 92-year-old grandfather going to the storage unit and insisting on loading them HIMSELF into the pickup in the blazing heat.

Greatest generation: clearly.

While we were there, they also gave us Trent’s late father’s table saw, now mounted on a table handmade by Burgess. And some old metal and wooden folding chairs: audience seats saved by Trent’s great-grandfather when the theater at Fort Sam Houston burned in 1916.

Oh! And an antique cross-cut saw that Trent’s cousin Greg found in an old plantation house in Louisiana.

My house feels different now that these things are in it; it feels warmer. More inviting. It finally feels like it’s coming along (I hope that won’t be spoiled if I paint the metal on the folding chairs some fabulous, bright color?).

Now that the dust is settling, we can get to the real home-making.

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6 thoughts on “To Build A Home

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You are a fabulous writer, and you have painted a beautiful “picture” of what made your “house” a “home”. These “treasures from the past” have certainly fallen into the right hands. Isn’t it nice to have something special that links you to former generations? The owners would be overjoyed to know that you are honoring their lives by using and enjoying them. And now you are linked in eternity. I always suspected that any home that you and Trent built would be a work of art, a catalog of life and love, displayed on a backdrop that is elegant in its simplicity. I can’t wait to “view” it and come away feeling better for it. Love, Mom

  2. Joyce Ruschhaupt says:

    So glad Mom & Dad are sharing some of these wonderful treasures with you & Trent. Hopefully, they will send a few more your direction as time passes.

    The lounge chairs belong to Trent’s Aunt Nell (Burgess’ only sister who passed away this past March at the age of 101. He did meet her when he was 5 1/2 and at his Grand Grandma’s 100th Brithday party in San Antonio TX- Jun 1984. He probably doesn’t remember though. Lots of family there for the celebration!

    And the chairs were bright colors originally! So have fun!

    Don’t forget to take John’s portable work bench which is in Bryce’s work room! I know Trent will use it when he starts his table project. It should fit in your back seat or trunk.

    Hugs, CA Mom

  3. Nicole says:

    Trent’s grandma and grandpa look FANTASTIC! I want their secret!

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