37 Apples A Day

On Saturday, we decided to pick our apple tree.

Tasting the first apple off the tree.

My apple taste test.

I made the call because I noticed an awful lot had fallen and started to rot over the week previous.

But more so than that, while investigating under the tree, coaxing it to give me a sign, I made a discovery…

I found a half-eaten apple, perfectly nibbled into a concave, rotting arc of fruit by some little squirrel or other arboreal creature, still hanging on the tree.

I wish I’d taken a picture of it, but to be perfectly honest, it’s kinda scary and spiderwebby in that tree. I didn’t want to move around too much or straighten up. I just took it as a sign from nature: if the little critters were eating the apples, then we probably could, too.

So we picked it. And now we have a buttload (to use one of my favorite descriptive quantities) of apples:

Our apple harvest.

Got apples?

(Oh — and a couple limes I grabbed off the lime tree because we bought some Tecate…)

Not to mention, these are the biggest freakin’ apples I’ve ever seen. Look at those suckers! I needed two hands to pull most of them off the tree. They simply HAD to be stopped from growing any larger. Jesus.

This makes me happy, because when we moved in, no one had thinned the apple tree. There were giant clumps of apples all crowded together and by the time we got around to thinning it ourselves, well… We learned where the phrase “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch” comes from. Many of the apples on the tree had rotted, and we had to do a massive, rapid thin to save what we could.

Still — I think we have enough. And next year, we’ll have even more. Anyone want pie in the meantime?

Plus, what we failed to save, has helped us succeed at something else…

Our compost bin.

Compost cooking in our backyard bin.


If anyone wants my recipe for that, come on over!

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9 thoughts on “37 Apples A Day

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    Pie please.

  2. Joyce Ruschhaupt says:

    Lisa if you store them in the cool basement in 1 layer (cardboard soda flat make great containers) they will keep a long time! Bring some apples with you when you come Labor Day and I’ll make an apple pie for all to enjoy…. if you have lots I can show you how to make Apple Sauce for the winter.

    You can also slice them in thin half moons along with sweet onion and cook them in a little oil for a great side dish!

    Yum, yum!!!

  3. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Too bad you can’t make apple cider! These are beautiful apples! They look like my favorite, the Granny Smith. Save one for me! Your Grandma Jane used to make fantastic apple pies. Maybe you have it in your genes to do the same, but I would take Joyce up on her offer. I remember Grandpa Frank used to constantly prune and cut back. He said it made for healthier growth. So keep cutting! And I suspect you are going to have a lot of critters crawling around that yard, but Sam will keep them under control. I can’t wait to get there and sit under your apple tree! Love, Mom

  4. Marlene says:

    Oh the Heavenly Easy Bay.

  5. Viola Pastuszyn says:

    Another vote here for cider! People brew their own beer all the time; you can brew cider!!

  6. lisatemp says:

    Cider = hip to the max

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