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Back to Business

After surviving the housewarming, we thought we might take this weekend off and do nothing. Like, maybe lay in our backyard and just enjoy it, by ourselves, for once. Really experience our house. RELAX in it.

But that would be very un-Lisa+Trent, as we’ve probably illustrated by now. So, here are some things we DID do, on our first “no-pressure-housewarming-is-over” weekend…

1. We worked on perfecting our reclaimed wood dining table.

Dining room table in progress.

Our dining room table, gettin’ worked over.

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We survived the housewarming. Me, Trent, Sammy, and 3675.

I say “survive” because we did in fact have about 70 people in the house, all the parents here from out of town, five dogs, a fire going in the firepit, multiple houseguests, AND all the neighbors came over for the first time. Nothing burned down, blew up, no one got into a brawl, everyone had enough to eat and drink, and only one person passed out in an unseemly place —


Okay, it wasn’t unseemly. I made it to my bed, but I didn’t manage to take my shoes off, get undressed, or get under the covers. We actually had a couple extra-late arrivals after my kerplunk and they got a nice kick out of it. All I have to say is — they should know by now.

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The Final Countdown

It’s here (well, it’s here tomorrow):

The housewarming party.

After 3+ months in the house, we’re ready to have people over for REAL. A lot of people. Really.

And, well, we aren’t REALLY ready. Everything we wanted done, isn’t done. That’s probably because, in the past month, we had to actually stop and take breaks and do other life things that weren’t house-related. For example, we gave up all last weekend—the weekend before the party and our last chance to bust ass—to go to San Jose for our friends, Jessica and Larry’s, wedding.

Jessica walks down the aisle.

Jessica walks down the aisle.

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Ass: Kicked

Update on Operation: Kick the Yard’s Ass.

It has been sufficiently kicked.

However, we cannot take all the credit.

While we DID work nonstop on the yard, every night, for weeks, and we trimmed, and we chopped, and we pulled, and we dug… We just started to run out of time. We wanted ALL the things we despised gone before our housewarming, and needed the clean-up finished so we could stay on schedule for mulching and planting this fall before the winter rain comes.

So there’s our excuse — our excuse for bringing in Marlene’s brother, Michael (a professional arborist), and two super sweet powerhouse gardeners who work on Michael’s crew to help us. In one day — ONE DAY — all the annoying tasks we were struggling to finish were done.

REALLY done.

Not to mention, all the heaps of debris we’ve been generating over the summer and trying to shuffle out in our meager municipal compost bin while sloooooowly cooking our own compost in our yard bin… GONE. Hauled away. I mean, there’s only so fast you can make compost, and there’s only so many weeks in a year for municipal pickup. And that vine monster Trent murdered made a LOT OF CRAP FOR THE COMPOST BIN.

In short?

Ass: kicked.

Our new patio furniture.

Admiring our new deck setup on a rare foggy morning. Note, however, that we’re miraculously in sun. Always sunny in 94619!

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Where Green Meets Gray…

So apparently, there comes a time when, as owners of a 100-year-old-house, you actually get to stop plugging leaks, holding up collapsing walls (literally), and putting out electrical fires (almost literally). And you actually get to think about what you want to do to your house.

Like, how do you create space definition in an open floor plan, so you can make two different paint colors work: one for your entryway and one for your “dining room”? This is an extremely important issue, lemme tell you. It’s been smacking us in the face every time we’ve walked in the door for the past three months.

Trent replacing the doorway molding.

Answer: you bust out some lumber, a sander, and a hand planer and restore the house’s original Craftsman doorway molding.

And vóila! Green meets gray nicely. Everyone is happy: especially the house (after we vacuum, of course).

Respect the molding, peeps. It’s there for a reason.

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