Where Green Meets Gray…

So apparently, there comes a time when, as owners of a 100-year-old-house, you actually get to stop plugging leaks, holding up collapsing walls (literally), and putting out electrical fires (almost literally). And you actually get to think about what you want to do to your house.

Like, how do you create space definition in an open floor plan, so you can make two different paint colors work: one for your entryway and one for your “dining room”? This is an extremely important issue, lemme tell you. It’s been smacking us in the face every time we’ve walked in the door for the past three months.

Trent replacing the doorway molding.

Answer: you bust out some lumber, a sander, and a hand planer and restore the house’s original Craftsman doorway molding.

And vóila! Green meets gray nicely. Everyone is happy: especially the house (after we vacuum, of course).

Respect the molding, peeps. It’s there for a reason.

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4 thoughts on “Where Green Meets Gray…

  1. CA Mom says:

    Can’t wait to see it in person! What a great addition and solution to the color challenge.
    Wood is warm, natural and wonderful. Hug a tree! 🙂

    • lisatemp says:

      It turned out to be a MUCH bigger project than anticipated, and we still have to finish sanding, putty-ing, and painting, but we already LOVE it. Just what the room needed!

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Trent has woodworking in his genes, most definitely! Look at that man go to town on that wood! Now that you have fixed all the “internal/infrastructure” stuff, you can have fun with the “cosmetics”. Kind of like buying a pretty dress to put over your “supportive” foundation garments. (Best analogy I could come up with.)

    I love big, fat, painted white, wood trim. It defines a room and makes it easy to change themes when you change rooms. Puts “closure” on a decorating scheme, I think. You too are creating a work of art!



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