The Final Countdown

It’s here (well, it’s here tomorrow):

The housewarming party.

After 3+ months in the house, we’re ready to have people over for REAL. A lot of people. Really.

And, well, we aren’t REALLY ready. Everything we wanted done, isn’t done. That’s probably because, in the past month, we had to actually stop and take breaks and do other life things that weren’t house-related. For example, we gave up all last weekend—the weekend before the party and our last chance to bust ass—to go to San Jose for our friends, Jessica and Larry’s, wedding.

Jessica walks down the aisle.

Jessica walks down the aisle.

We aren’t sorry we did that, though. That’s life, and it’s awesome. And let’s face it: we kinda wanted a ridiculous amount of things done. Our ambition to do nothing but work nonstop on the house for 3+ months straight was maybe a teensy bit unrealistic.

However, we did nothing but work (and spend) nonstop on the house for 3+ months straight about 80% of the time. And therefore, we have an old house in pretty damn good shape for a big blowout party this week. Complete with kegs, 100 different gourmet sausages to grill, a ton of boozy fruit, five different salads, desserts homemade by my California Mom, and fruit fresh from the backyard.

Groceries for salads.

Crapload of groceries waiting to be turned into salads and sides!

Party groceries in the fridge.

Crapload of boozy fruit and raw meat (ignore my shitty old fridge, but be jealous of my Michelle Obama mail!)!

And, we’ve called in the reinforcements. Munga and Char are here, totally killin’ it with the last-minute grocery runs, cleanup, and general helpfulness around the house. Not to mention looking glamorous in the AM. We’re keeping them revved up on Phillz coffee to ensure they don’t run out of helpful steam before the masses roll in tomorrow…

Mom and Trent in the morning.

Wake up time with Munga and Trent! Hoping our custom-made reclaimed barnwood table arrives today to replace this crapper!

Char and Mom in the morning.

Char says, “More Phillz, please.”

In short: we’re ready to party. See you there.

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9 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Viola Pastuszyn says:


  2. Viola Pastuszyn says:

    Also, will be there in spirit. xoxoxoxo

  3. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Mom and Char had hoped you would airbrush those photos first! Your I-Pad makes us look old and fat (!@#$%ing I Pad). But we are happy to be of assistance, and grateful for the Philz. We will need another pot……..

  4. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    P.S. Char just cleaned the bathroom too! Good grief! She is a Philz drinking machine!!!

  5. Carla Daniels says:

    Party time!!!! And yes, I was slightly jealous when I noticed the Obama mail.

  6. YAY, great pic of the wedding too – thanks for the plug! See you guys tomorrow – are there any figs I can eat???


  7. lisatemp says:

    UPDATE: The reclaimed barnwood table did not make it. Stupid etsy. 😦

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