We survived the housewarming. Me, Trent, Sammy, and 3675.

I say “survive” because we did in fact have about 70 people in the house, all the parents here from out of town, five dogs, a fire going in the firepit, multiple houseguests, AND all the neighbors came over for the first time. Nothing burned down, blew up, no one got into a brawl, everyone had enough to eat and drink, and only one person passed out in an unseemly place —


Okay, it wasn’t unseemly. I made it to my bed, but I didn’t manage to take my shoes off, get undressed, or get under the covers. We actually had a couple extra-late arrivals after my kerplunk and they got a nice kick out of it. All I have to say is — they should know by now.

Here are some other things we had/still have:

Amazing Cleaning Munga

Amazing Cleaning Munga!

  • A WHOLE  LOT of REALLY AWESOME friends, who stocked our liquor cabinet for years and brought us a jungle’s worth of beautiful houseplants that, for sheer quantity alone, will outlive all my watering and placement mistakes.
  • Amazing mothers — one who woke up at 5:00 AM every day for three days before AND after the party to make sure we had everything we needed AND cleaned up everything we didn’t need, and one who bought the coffee and doughnuts to make sure the other one actually had the steam to do that and didn’t turn into a raving coffee-deprived beyotch, driving me to plunge to a horribly maimed state off my new deck.
  • An amazing CHAR. If you don’t know what a Char is, you’re missing out. Because the Amazing Cleaning Munga works WAAAYYY better with an Amazing Char.
  • The PERFECT CHAIRS for the dining ensemble I’m building, thanks to CA Mom!!! This is an ongoing project and will be for a while yet (no pics until it’s done), but in addition to the all-important coffee, CA Mom also happened to show up with five estate sale finds that couldn’t have been more perfect for what I’ve been dreaming up.

Now, here are some things we DIDN’T have:

  • A photographer


Oh well — we were having fun, spending time with y’all, and getting to know our new neighbors (who all grow really amazing produce, by the way). No time to take party pics, I guess.

However, here are all the random pics I DID snap on my new iPhone 5 (“Cinco” — though he’s not as cool as that name makes him sound) of the housewarming week mayhem and Munga and Char’s visit.

Next party will be smaller, better documented, but just as awesome. See you there.

Lisa and Cynthia at the housewarming.

Random Party Photo #1: me and my coworker, Cynthia.

Trent and Lisa by the fire.

Random Party Photo #2: I have no recollection of this, but it’s a nice photo (actually snapped by Char) of Trent and I by our firepit?

Tent on our lawn.

Also by Char, and not Cinco (damn): Scott and Kristen’s tent on our lawn, morning after.

Char and Munga at Muir Woods

Day after the party: house is all clean, and we’re off to take Char to Muir Woods!

Panorama of Muir Woods.

First panoramic photo taken on Cinco!

Panorama of redwoods in Muir Woods.

Second panoramic photo taken on Cinco (this is about the only really cool thing he does)!

Trent in Heinold's bar.

Trent in Heinold’s First and Last Chance (I guess Cinco also takes better low-light photos).

Char in Heinold's Bar.

Char in Heinold’s.

Lisa in Heinold's bar.

Another by Char: me in Heinold’s. Isn’t this great?

Trent and Munga at dinner.

Trent and Munga: dinner in Jack London Square (these are getting pretty random now).

Munga, Amir, and Char.

Munga and Char with their boyfriend, Amir.

Munga getting pizza.

Having (vegan) pizza at Lanesplitter in Berkeley. Guess I haven’t mastered the low-light thing on Cinco yet… 😐

Munga and Sam in the car.

Time to say goodbye to the Granddoggymama. Until the next housewarming! Wait…

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8 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. “Another by Char: me in Heinold’s. Isn’t this great?”

    This one’s badass.

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Thank you for that very nice tribute. I would come and clean your house any day. It is a fun house to clean! And you inherited the “drop dead sleep” from me, unfortunately. It was a great trip. Better than any destination in the world. Love, Mom

  3. Char Denison says:

    Amazing Char – Wow I feel so important. I had so much fun helping prepare for the “3675 Event”. Thanks for always making me feel so welcome when I visit. I think your Mom and I work well together. Its hard to believe that Munga outlasted you at your own party – She Rocks. I just love your home and the view just took my breath away. I think the yard is just perfect for Sammy expect for that Squirrel that terrorizes him on a daily basis.

  4. Mary says:

    Looks like an awesome party Lisa! Congrats on the beautiful new home 🙂

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