Back to Business

After surviving the housewarming, we thought we might take this weekend off and do nothing. Like, maybe lay in our backyard and just enjoy it, by ourselves, for once. Really experience our house. RELAX in it.

But that would be very un-Lisa+Trent, as we’ve probably illustrated by now. So, here are some things we DID do, on our first “no-pressure-housewarming-is-over” weekend…

1. We worked on perfecting our reclaimed wood dining table.

Dining room table in progress.

Our dining room table, gettin’ worked over.

What’s not perfect about it, you’re wondering? Well, a couple things… Namely, we need to make the legs farther apart — WITHOUT ruining the table’s Craftsman lines — so we can make it work with the chairs CA Mom brought us from her estate sale hunt…

Louis XV-style dining room chairs.

Amazing Louis XV-ish estate sale finds from CA Mom for the head of our table! Just need to get rid of that upholstery…

Ladderback dining chairs.

Equally amazing ladderback dining chairs with original GUT WIRE SEATS to complete our table, also from CA Mom! Obviously, need cushions.

Luckily, Trent has the woodworking gene. And we both have the love-beautiful-old-wooden-things gene, so together we’ve been having fun with this project. Only OCCASIONALLY have we wanted to poke each other’s eye out with the screwdriver…

2. We finally decided to refinish the enormous built-in countertop cutting board in our kitchen.

Cutting board before refinishing.

Nasty cutting board — BEFORE.

I don’t know how on earth this thing ever got so nasty. The people who lived here before us must have been cooking with turpentine or something, but this was the most disgusting cutting board I’ve ever seen.

Well — not any more!

Cutting board after refinishing.

NOT-nasty cutting board — AFTER!

Also, if ever I needed an excuse to NOT go to the gym, I’ve got one now. Home improvement, friends. That’s all I have to say.

3. I also did some general yard maintenance while Trent was deep into it with his table saw, and discovered that — hey! My hard pruning of our aphid-infested rose bushes in front of the house… WORKED!

Pruned rose bushes budding.

Okay, this photo is awful (thanks, Cinco), but that’s a VERY pruned-back old rose bush with little itty bitty buds opening up! 😀

And okay, in case you think we’re the most un-fun people ever… We did enjoy a little down time this weekend. In fact, this morning, we had brunch on our beautiful deck for the first time EVER. Marlene came over and joined us and we had sausage and eggs from the neighbor’s chickens (who clucked through the whole meal) and mimosas and figs fresh off our tree and toast with CA Mom’s homemade jam.

First Sunday brunch on our deck.

First Sunday brunch on our deck.

The party may be over, but we’re back to business already. It’s a pretty good business to be in, we think.




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5 thoughts on “Back to Business

  1. CA Mom says:

    So glad you’re enjoying your new home. Table is looking better. Glad you’re enjoying the jam…. there’s always more because CA Dad loves to buy lots and lots of fruit…thank goodness he helps make the stuff, too. We’re on to Apple Sauce next.
    Looking forward to Thanksgiving! CA Mom

  2. Marlene says:

    It was a beautiful day for a yummy brunch; Strawberry jam on rye toast was delicious, Joyce. Thanks team Temple.

  3. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I knew Trent would have that beautiful table back in shape in no time. There is no way that you two would ever be “conquered” by a challenge like that. And the cutting board is awesome too! How did you do that so fast? (Does sanding firm the upper arms, because I would have been glad to do that for you when I was there, since I don’t go to the gym.) And I noticed a lone rose on one of your rose bushes when I was there. Kind of a nice sign of rebirth. It’s a new era for that old house. You have reclaimed it and it will be beautiful again.

    As for the brunch on the deck, I can almost taste it! I am so envious of your lifestyle and want desperately to get back there soon. Enjoy the food and the atmosphere and the life you have created for yourselves. You certainly know how to live it.

    (I will share with the grandparents too. They love your reports! Makes them feel like they are there with you!)



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