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Fall Classics

While THE Fall Classic didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped, our October still ended on quite a lovely note.

We wrapped our two-week house vacation by going to San Diego this past weekend, to visit John and Ashley.

Wait a minute — you don’t know who John and Ashley are? Then read my greatest blog post ever.

Anyway, despite having to watch Michigan AND the Tigers lose, we still had an epically good time. Which tends to happen with these two, and especially when you’re someplace like San Diego. And it’s perfectly sunny. And 90 degrees.

There was a little of this:

Pacific Beach, San Diego

Beach + Sunshine

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Some Happy News…

Because I need it right now:

My roses have risen from the dead.

When we moved in, the eight rose bushes in front of our house (all different types, and from the looks of them, many years old) were so mismanaged and infested with aphids, I thought they were bound for the compost heap. Every petal eaten, every cane withered, every leaf munched into a slice of swiss cheese.

But after meeting with a gardener and reading up on how to hard prune mature rose bushes, I (warily) decided to give it a shot. I devoted a sunny September Sunday afternoon to sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk, lops in hand.

It cost me quite a few bloody fingertips, and the rose bushes looked frighteningly shorn for a few weeks, but now I have this:

Rose bush coming back.

My hybrid rose, making its comeback.

And, now that the rain has arrived, soon I will have blooms.

Lots of blooms.

Grass babies, meet rose babies.


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Unwelcome Interruption

I was doing really well on my break from house worries…

My friend Jason has been visiting from Ohio; we’ve been bumming around, hiking, eating, drinking, looking at art and talking about sports, and generally doing nothing productive.

No house chores, no research, no planning.


Sammy spoiled it.

Spoiled it by digging up the precious grass we managed to grow from seed in the bald spot in our lawn. The grass meant to be a test environment for the groundcover strategy we’re going to formulate (god, I sound like my father).

New grass sprouting.

My precious grass babies, snapped upon their arrival: 10.18.12.

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Tiger celebration.

This means all work at 3675 will be put on hold until further notice, because baseball must be watched.

Also, I don’t care if you like baseball or not — this is the goddamn greatest baseball team with the goddamn greatest fans on earth. Their city has loved them through worst and through first, defying all conventional wisdom…

How can you not pull for the team that issued the f#@%ing Yankees their first playoff sweep in 32 years?

You with me? Put your hands up…

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The landscaping plan has been enacted.


It’s not going to be done soon.

I have a lot of splinters.

Trent’s back hurts.

Sammy has since pooped on everything we’ve completed.

But, so far, we’re pleased.

Check it:

Edging rolled out.

Edging. Lots of it. So much.

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