The landscaping plan has been enacted.


It’s not going to be done soon.

I have a lot of splinters.

Trent’s back hurts.

Sammy has since pooped on everything we’ve completed.

But, so far, we’re pleased.

Check it:

Edging rolled out.

Edging. Lots of it. So much.

We learned how to lay edging! It’s not hard. That is, if you don’t have soil baked in the furnace of hell, so hard you need a pick ax to dig into it.

Luckily, we just wasted a LOT of water to soften the ground. Duh.

But not even water helps when you uncover a “Shitty Satan Stone.”

The Shitty Satan Stone.

Shitty immovable spawn of Satan!!! What are you doing in our yard?

What is that, you ask? We don’t know. But it can’t be moved. Sooo… you make the edging go around. Ta da! End of story.

Nothing happened to change our belief that DOGS SUCK AT YARDWORK:

Lazy Sam by the mulch.


But we don’t need his lazy ass, because we finished Phase 1 of our project: splintered, sore, and sunburned. And so far, we dig it!

Mulch bed under our fig tree.

Cozy mulch bed around our fig tree. Two bunches of irises are ready to sprout in there, too!

Apricot tree and mulch bed.

Giant mulch bed around our apricot and lime trees and largest iris garden. Awaiting additional Sophia Raderman memorial planting!

Next comes the pea gravel path and the aptenia red apple ground cover.



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4 thoughts on “Genius?

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I can’t believe how you have transformed that place! I so wish I could be there to enjoy it. The grandparents love the photos! I print them off and grandpa sits and looks at them while he eats breakfast. I do too! Yesterday he said, “I sure wish I could be there to enjoy that.” We talk about your trees and all the beautiful fruit that you will enjoy. The perfect day would be to sit under that tree and eat a piece of that delicious fruit while sipping some nice wine from Napa. Sure wish I could do it soon.

    I think a memorial planing for Sophia would be a wonderful tribute to your friend and give her great comfort.

    And I think Sammy has the right idea. Smart dog. Why not nap in the sun if you can? The day he got found by you was the luckiest day of that dog’s life!



  2. Carla Daniels says:

    Looking gooood!!! All those splinters and sunburns are going to be worth it. I want to come over soon and take a look.

  3. Marlene says:

    And I have loads of Foget-Me-Nots. Thank-you so much. Looks great.

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