Unwelcome Interruption

I was doing really well on my break from house worries…

My friend Jason has been visiting from Ohio; we’ve been bumming around, hiking, eating, drinking, looking at art and talking about sports, and generally doing nothing productive.

No house chores, no research, no planning.


Sammy spoiled it.

Spoiled it by digging up the precious grass we managed to grow from seed in the bald spot in our lawn. The grass meant to be a test environment for the groundcover strategy we’re going to formulate (god, I sound like my father).

New grass sprouting.

My precious grass babies, snapped upon their arrival: 10.18.12.

Now, Sam isn’t typically a digger, but he felt the need to dig yesterday, right in my little patch of grass babies. Caught him with his nose in the ransacked soil, huffing and trying to snort a gopher out or something. Grass babies aborted all around… Babies that have taken MONTHS to coax out of the earth… In a bed of warm homemade compost mixed with potting soil… Lovingly watered every day.


So now I’m trying to continue to focus on Jason, and my upcoming trip to San Diego this weekend to visit John and Ashley, and hiking, and eating, and drinking, and looking at art and talking about sports. On Tigers baseball and NOT fretting about whether my grass will grow. Maintaining the house vacation until the World Series is over, dammit.

I already fretted about whether the grass would grow for the better part of the summer, and finally, it did. Eventually, it will grow again, right? We don’t need to go out there in the rain for the next two days and redig and resow, RIGHT?

And if you’re wondering — how interesting can it really be, watching grass grow? Well… The answer is…


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3 thoughts on “Unwelcome Interruption

  1. Joyce Ruschhaupt says:

    Well, I hate to say it but “grass grows by inches and dies by feet” or paws!!! LOL…. But, it should come back. Just give it time. You probably have something in the compost that Sammy thinks is FOOD…or smells like a familiar poop?

    Put some red or black pepper into the area and he will leave it alone… animals don’t like hot stuff. Smiles 🙂 CA Mom

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Hopefully, your “doggy repellant” will work, and your grass babies will grow back. The good thing about living things is that they never stop growing. And you little “grass killer” will get one whiff of that pepper and go elsewhere for a backyard thrill. Oh boy………

    Love, Mom

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