Jack-o-lanterns in our window.

Happy Halloween from 3675!

Our first Halloween has come and gone here at 3675, and the big question has been answered:

We are too far uphill for trick or treaters. 😦

We were attracted to this neighborhood because of its elevation. We have a beautiful view, and the hills make it safe, quiet, and above the occasional mayhem of the non-hilly environs west of MacArthur Boulevard. But NOW we know the flip side: those hills also make it a little too much effort for the kiddos in costumes, we think.

How could our real estate agent have failed to mention this? SIGGGHHH.

We saw a few out and about nearby, but they didn’t seem to want to trek up to us, despite the fact that several houses besides ours made an effort to show them they were welcome.

Pumpkins on our porch.

Pumpkin collection on our porch, awaiting carving…

In fact, Trent got so into it, he actually devised a strategy for next year, for luring all the children of the East Bay to our street. He just needs the cooperation of the rest of the block, a few key businesses, some good signage, and a wife who will stay enthusiastic.

How could I not?

3675 on Halloween.

3675, Halloween Night.

3675 on Halloween.

Trick or Treat!


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4 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Why am I not surprised that two such wonderful artists as yourselves would attempt to turn Halloween into a major event? I think Trent has an awesome idea, and it will provide a much safer alternative for kids who want to enjoy the holidays. Or, maybe you should just have a party for all your friends. Can you imagine the costumes?!?!? Love, Mom

  2. Carla Daniels says:

    Aww the house looks so cute. Too bad the kids didn’t come up! Next year you will make it happen!!!

  3. Ellen says:

    So I guess you have a lot of candy left 😉

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