In Bloom


Roses in full bloom.

My favorite rose baby so far.

In fact, I’m about to have SO MANY blooms…

Roses about to open.

Largest rose bush with brilliant red buds.

There are at LEAST three to four blooms on the verge of opening on every one of my eleven rose bushes.

Roses in bloom.

The blooms on this bush are a nice dappled pink color. 🙂

Yes — ELEVEN rose bushes. They all survived my hard pruning, and they are all LOVING LIFE right now (and the fact that they got a good hit with the leaf blower, a soaking, and a fresh coat of mulch this weekend). Not to mention the hordes of irises that are already waist high in the backyard, and the calla lilies that survived all our aggressive weeding and are now taking over our property.

I’m just gonna say it, dammit —


Who needs flowers?

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2 thoughts on “In Bloom

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    A green thumb! How wonderful! You certainly didn’t get that from me. But your Uncle Barney got the gene. We Italians do like to grow things, and every good Italian I know has a garden in his back yard. However, I do think it is due more to your persistence, careful research, and hard work. When you put your mind to something, you usually succeed. What a lovely success story! Scrolling through the pictures is like walking through your garden. I will show them to the grandparents on the I Pad, and they will be “right there with you.” What a beautiful start to this day! Love, Mom

  2. Marlene says:

    It comes with the house does the green thumb. No extra charge. Things like to grow in the East Bay. And a little hard work doesn’t hurt…

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