More Drum Roll!

I give you!

Exterior Christmas lights at 3675.

10,000 imported Italian twinkle lights!

(well, maybe not quite 10,000… but every one is on our house, and we love them all!)

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4 thoughts on “More Drum Roll!

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    OMG, you did the twinkle lights!!! When you come to visit, I can stock you up. I still have tons of them in the basement. I was looking through that stuff and thinking about you the other day. Well, this should put the final touch on the old-fashioned, fun-filled Temple family Christmas!

  2. CA Mom says:

    Okay… so they are up… go into the street and take a photo of the whole house for goodness sake!!! I want to see them ALL…. after all they are from FRESNO’s famous growing up with all things Christmas house !!!! Thanks, CA MOM

  3. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Oh my! Did you check the extension cords in the laundry room? Remember Clark! And I want a photo too! Staying tuned……. MI Mom

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