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Home Sweet 54-Degree-Home

We’re back!

And thank god. If we’d stayed back east any longer, my fingers were going to need to be amputated from frostbite and I wouldn’t be able to write this blog any more. REALLY. And my nose, too. And my ears. And my toes. Even though I packed my WARMEST socks, dammit.

Gimme a couple days to process all our photos and I’ll have the whole story of our frozen inauguration weekend adventure in DC with Little Sis, followed by our frozen Auto Show week adventure in Detroit with the rest of the fam. For now, though, just try to imagine how happy we were to return home today under a cloudless blue sky in 54 degrees after LEAVING THIS BEHIND IN DETROIT:

Winter in Detroit


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Hail to the Sister

We’re on vacation!

We just wrapped work, packed up the pup, dropped him at Jon and Allison’s (THANK YOU!), packed our own suitcases, and now we’re contemplating whether to sleep or stay awake until we get picked up by SupperShuttle at 4:00 AM.


Because we’re going to Washington for the presidential inauguration! And to visit my sister:

Sarah on Mt. Tam.

Tough stuff.

She’s the REAL Commander in Chief these days. Wait until I get back, and I’ll fill you in on why.



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The Guy Way

So for Christmas, we bought a TV for our bedroom. And I have to say, we’re enjoying laying in bed and watching some boob tube again (I’m just speaking for myself here, but it’s been a LONG six months of falling behind on Vampire Diaries and Office reruns).

And this little electronic gem has also made me realize how much I’m thoroughly enjoying having a guy permanently in my life. Continue reading

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Winter: Gross

For all you people who think we have it so good because we live in California and we aren’t experiencing winter right now, well…

It’s 24 degrees here tonight. It’s cold. It f#@%king sucks. Especially because inside a hundred-year-old-house in 24 degrees, it feels like, well – 24 degrees.

Here’s how we’re keeping warm:

Furry body heat!

Furry body heat!

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Lessons for a New Year

We just returned from two weeks on the road around northern California and Nevada, and I thought I’d share the highlights of this journey in bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, easily applied to your own life as you venture forward into a new year. Because I’m thoughtful like that. And way too fond of my own opinion.

But first off, big ups to for giving me the time off between Christmas and New Year’s, paid. Company holiday — holla! I was off for 12 days straight. Ahhhhhh.

Here goes!

LESSON 1: Technology really is doing less for us all than we think, so unplug as often as you can.

Christmas morning snow at Lake Almanor.

What they call a “White Christmas.”

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