Winter: Gross

For all you people who think we have it so good because we live in California and we aren’t experiencing winter right now, well…

It’s 24 degrees here tonight. It’s cold. It f#@%king sucks. Especially because inside a hundred-year-old-house in 24 degrees, it feels like, well – 24 degrees.

Here’s how we’re keeping warm:

Furry body heat!

Furry body heat!

Don’t go moving to the Bay Area any time soon if you think you’re going to throw away your puffy coat and learn to surf or something. Trust me; I made that mistake.

Winter here is cold and gray and wet but it’s not a dead season like in the Midwest (where I grew up)… Things drink up all the rain and keep growing. Things I’ve never even seen before.

In fact, we’ve been getting pounded with torrential downpours and while they’ve washed away all the leaves on our fruit trees, the damn weeds are having their freakin’ HEYDAY in our backyard. We’re spending more time back there than ever keeping them at bay, freezing our bundorkies off, as Munga would say.

Little figs, hanging on into 2013... They were still tasty.

Little figs, hanging on into 2013… They were still tasty.

But there are a few pretty things also having a winter heyday, I must admit. Chief among them my roses, which bloom so much now the bushes practically fall over under the weight of their own flowers. Also, my irises and calla lilies (pics of those soon…). And especially…

Citrus fruit.

Orange on our orange tree.

Obviously, not a lime.

Turns out, we don’t have a lime tree. We have an orange tree. Ha ha. There’s some novice farming at work for you! Sorry if you had a “lime” off our lime tree these past few months — you were eating an unripened orange. Now we know.

Winter: cold, wet, but packed with Vitamin C. Hooray!

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9 thoughts on “Winter: Gross

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I am glad you are having a “Vitamin C” filled winter! And who needs heat when you have a furry little “portable heater”? That dog looks way to happy in that picture. He can’t be cold. Now I know to confine my visits to the summer months. One thing about the rain, it sure does produce beautiful things, like gigantic fruit and gorgeous flowers. There is something reassuring about the balance in nature that leads me to believe all things will get better over time. And if that brave little fig has survived the torrential downpours, I bet it will be tasty! BTW, perhaps there is “An Idiot’s Guide to Farming”? Love, MI Mom

  2. Marge Wisniewski says:

    Do you have avocados back there?

  3. peter S. says:

    we arrived just 4 days ago, temp is as you descibed “”24*”” blue sky , shorts and T’s are the dress of the day other that its just something you can drreaaaaaaamm about we got 3 weeks to go and dont know how lucky we are. I said to rosie just wish thekids were here ,we’d have a hell of a time,but maybe one of these days we’ll be able to arrange this ahead of dear friends dont give up,we’re still here,and will report when we get back,all the best peter&Rosie

  4. peter S. says:

    Hi in case I forgot to mention weare on the Island of teneriffa ES

  5. CA Mom says:

    Okay… I realize 24 is cold.. but you should be at the Lake… it was 18 last night when I came home at 6pm and the low was 10… yes, I said 10… now we had beautiful sunshine – you know that COLD AND CLEAR thing… yesterday with a high of 36 – just warm enough to make longer ice cicles off the roof. Its going to be a high of 36 and a low of 11 all weekend; so I’m glad I’m heading to Fresno for a few days where it’s going to be 50 for a high and 29 for a low!!! Its just cold all over CA…..

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