The Guy Way

So for Christmas, we bought a TV for our bedroom. And I have to say, we’re enjoying laying in bed and watching some boob tube again (I’m just speaking for myself here, but it’s been a LONG six months of falling behind on Vampire Diaries and Office reruns).

And this little electronic gem has also made me realize how much I’m thoroughly enjoying having a guy permanently in my life.

Why? Because a guy makes your TV look super-slick and gets the cords all tidy in a little paintable tube. And when the cord isn’t long enough to reach the outlet in a straight line, he opens it up and splices in more cable.

And it still works. Voilà!

A guy hides the digital antenna behind the TV so nothing looks janky, and eventually finds the perfect solution so you can wirelessly network all your Gossip Girl episodes from the Blue Ray player upstairs.

Our new bedroom TV.


That’s a guy’s TV. At the foot of my bed. About to play some Gossip Girl (just kidding; sort of; it will also play the new Bond Movie and stuff, I’m sure).

A GIRL pitches in by painting the cool little cord-hider thingy, and then cries when it’s not perfect. And then the guy comes and makes it perfect while the girl goes upstairs and pouts and plays Words with Friends on the couch with the puppy in her lap.

Yes, that really happened.

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3 thoughts on “The Guy Way

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    Yeah, I guess those guys are good for some things.

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Okay, I believe this really happened. Gosh, I wish I had a “guy” at my house who could do stuff like that. My cords are really janky.

  3. Joyce Ruschhaupt says:

    That’s my son – taught by the best step-Dad that nothing is impossible if you just work hard enough to make it happen! I’m lucky enough to have the “elder” great guy at my house!

    Marge… keep looking Detroit a hug city and must have a guy for you!!!

    🙂 CA MOM

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