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War of the Roses

My roses were rusty.

Ugh. Phragmidium!

Ugh. Phragmidium!

Past-me is surprised that Present-me even just typed that sentence. But it’s true:

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Lucky Number 7

Around February 14, 2013, I marked seven years of remission from Multiple Sclerosis.

Me on my 7th remission anniversary.

Me on my 7th remission anniversary.

If you’re wondering what that means, well… It’s complicated. Multiple Sclerosis is an annoying, persistent, enigma of a disease. Like many women, I was diagnosed with the Relapsing/Remitting form, meaning I experience discrete attacks, and in between I get better (but not always entirely). The attacks = relapses, and the periods in between = remissions.

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Baby Steps

According to the magnolia tree in front of my house, winter in the East Bay is OVER. And unfortunately for us, only a couple days ago did I take the first step in the gargantuan project that I SWORE I would tackle over said winter:

“Decorate the house.”

I don’t really know all that “decorate” encapsulated, really, but I think I THOUGHT I would get more done than I OBVIOUSLY have.

Here’s what I did get done:



I bought a rug.

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Come and Knock On Our Door

Really! We’re ready for you.



Took a few months, but we now have a front door that doesn’t make us sad. With a rebuilt (by Trent!) spider-proof threshhold, new paint, a new lock, a shiny new kickplate, and a weirdo-proof curtain over the window.

Nevermind that there’s ACTUALLY a door in FRONT of this one that you have to knock on FIRST to come visit us — you get the point. Our door is always open.

Shit. That’s not actually true, either…

Anyway, new door looks good.

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Double D Adventure

I give you:

The replay of our frozen week in Washington, D.C. and Detroit, in words and pictures that cannot truly express how cold I was.

Let's get this inaugu-rager started!

Let’s get this inaugu-rager started!

But alright… Hyperbole aside, let’s start with the basics. We chose to take this dual-city trip at this (particularly ludicrous) time for three main reasons:

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