Come and Knock On Our Door

Really! We’re ready for you.



Took a few months, but we now have a front door that doesn’t make us sad. With a rebuilt (by Trent!) spider-proof threshhold, new paint, a new lock, a shiny new kickplate, and a weirdo-proof curtain over the window.

Nevermind that there’s ACTUALLY a door in FRONT of this one that you have to knock on FIRST to come visit us — you get the point. Our door is always open.

Shit. That’s not actually true, either…

Anyway, new door looks good.

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4 thoughts on “Come and Knock On Our Door

  1. Marge Wisniewski says:

    Trent is a wizard with wood! Definitely has the gift! And it is beautiful! The door makes the entrance look more welcoming. And I can’t wait to knock on your door! Love, MI Mom

  2. CA Mom says:

    Very gorgeous – RED, my favorite color — very classy!
    CA Mom

  3. When I first read those lyrics to Three’s Company, I immediately thought : “OMG, Lisa’s pregnant!”
    The door looks great! 😉

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