War of the Roses

My roses were rusty.

Ugh. Phragmidium!

Ugh. Phragmidium!

Past-me is surprised that Present-me even just typed that sentence. But it’s true:

My roses were rusty. And it sucked.

Spring has sprung here, and after two weekends away from the yard I set out on Saturday to visit all my flower babies. And lo and behold, I discovered rust on all twelve of my rose bushes (some to a greater extent than others).

I now realize that rust probably plagues my roses continuously, on a seasonal basis. They are old roses — really old. Too old to be the modern fancypants rustproof kind (yes, there is such a thing as a “rustproof rose bush”). When we moved in last June, I think the decrepit state of the roses wasn’t so much due to aphids as it was to rust, ignored since an early spring onset.


Well, I dealt with the rust.

Pruned to the buds, yet again! Worked before, it'll work again...

Pruned to the buds, yet again! Worked before, it’ll work again…

I pruned every last bit of rusty foliage off the bushes and dug out every rusty leaf from the mulch beds (every. rusty. leaf.). I treated all the canes, the surrounding mulch, and new buds with fungicide on all surfaces. And I will repeat every couple of weeks as instructed for time eternal goddammit because those roses are in front of my house and they are GOING TO BE A SUCCESS STORY.

In other news, here’s a beautiful success story from the other side of my house (not the front side, unfortunately):

Calla lilies must be rustproof.

Calla lilies must be rustproof.

Enough to make a bouquet for a very special someone this coming weekend… Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “War of the Roses

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    It’s spring there?!?!? What a lovely thought! We are due for another blizzard here tomorrow, so I will be thinking of you and your flowers. We won’t be seeing any of those for a long, long time. I did not realize that old roses got rusty (all us geezers do). A little tender, loving care can certainly offset the neglect they have experienced these past few years. And I don’t know anyone who tackles a problem with more ferocity than you and Trent. God help anything that lands on those rosebushes!! BTW, those calla lilies are beautiful!



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