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Into the Forest…

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

Our food forest has officially begun. Deposit paid to our wonderful (friends and) designers and everything.

Now, I’m not gonna lie — these early stages are plain old fun. We lie in the backyard, talking a lot with Katy and Felipé about what kinds of plants we’re going to grow: where, how, and why.

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One Year

Today, I have officially been blogging for one year.


Yep, I first posted on March 21, 2012, that I was quitting Facebook in favor of a more focused, real-world approach to my life and relationships. But I promised to continue to document the things that mattered to me here, for anyone who might care to stay in touch. Continue reading

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Erin Went Bragh!

…all over our yard!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one day late… But the leprechauns have been busy at 3675 (and so have we)… Thought we would wait until we had their (our) handiwork to show off proper…


There’s gotta be a four-leaf one in there somewhere…

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Go Go San Diego

Now that the sun is shining daily and the weed growth is waning, we’re about to enter lockdown here at 3675 and return to nonstop weekends of yardwork.

You see, soon it will be barbecue season, and this year, I fully intend to take advantage of that. I’m getting this place in the perfect summer state we couldn’t enjoy last year, because it was a construction war zone until July.

And, we’re getting ready to turn our backyard into a “food forest” (with the expertise and guidance of Katy and Felipé), and trust me — there will be work involved with that. Lots of work (and lots of fretting, and cursing).

So, before saying goodbye to a winter of luxuriously relaxing tasks like obsessively shopping for rugs online in favor of a return to manual labor, I felt the need to go to San Diego and spend a weekend eating too many tacos and partying like a college kid.

Day drunk and tacotastic with Kim and the McMahons on Ocean Beach.

Day drunk and tacotastic with Kim and the McMahons on Ocean Beach.

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True Yellow Rose of Texas

So, just in case you were wondering who I cut all my calla lilies for…

The answer is, this lovely lady:

Dorothy on her 90th birthday.

Dorothy on her 90th birthday.

Grandma Dorothy Eastwood: 90 years old as of this past Saturday.

As you can see, she got a few other flowers, too — including 90 yellow roses from her family back home in Texas.

If anyone deserves hundreds of flowers on their birthday, it’s this woman. Not only is she really as lovely as every bloom, but she’s a gifted gardener who gives me new insight into what to do with my own plants on a weekly basis.

Some day, she will leave behind a world peppered not only with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but with roses, calla lilies, irises, and African violets — all beautiful creations that wouldn’t be here without her.

And for that reason, I am working really, really, REALLY hard on getting the violet she gave me to bloom.

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