Car: The Neverending Story

Mmm… I meant to write about other things first this week, but…



That’s right – back in August, when I wrote that Car was dead?

Nope. Not dead.

Car... Is that... YOU?

Car… Is that… YOU?

And yes, I cried when I heard the news (at work).

I know she’s alive because on Friday morning, I got a random phone call from a man named Mr. Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins was at the Oakland DMV, trying to register a 1997 black Toyota Corolla for his son, who needed it to get to his junior college classes. Only the DMV was giving him trouble — because the car was still registered in my name.

Ummm… ??? The car that I sold for $100 on trade-in, that was marked “UNSAFE TO DRIVE” and destined for the junkyard?

Yes, that car.

Many, many phone calls later, and Mr. Hopkins and I determined that San Leandro Hyundai had indeed sent Car to be junked, but the junkyard thought better of junking her. She’d been sold at auction instead…

…and bought by a shady dealer…

…who rolled back her mileage and illegally sold her without a proper bill of sale to Mr. Hopkins…

…who now insisted he didn’t care; he didn’t want his money back…

…he wanted Car no matter what; he and his brother had been fixing her up and they knew she was a good one and the son had fallen in love with her.


I found a nice girl at the dealership name Collette, who pledged to find a way to get Mr. Hopkins and his son a legal bill of sale. And I pledged to come sign anything that needed signing to get myself out of the equation, so Car could be reborn like a phoenix to carry yet another college kid and his buddies around on all their… adventures. Maybe even to graduation.

And now, there’s always a chance that I’ll see her on the streets of Oakland: like an old lover.

And I’ll cry, dammit. And probably harass the son and ask to have my picture taken with his car. And then I’ll post it here.



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3 thoughts on “Car: The Neverending Story

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    This is an awesome story of a girl and her car. That car has stories to tell, Lisa! I wonder if your lucky pine cone is still in the cup holder? I think that little car is going to have more stories to tell before this is over. I hope the new owner is successful. Then this will become the “never ending – happy ending” car story. Love, Mom

  2. […] The day Car died. And then the day she came back from the dead… […]

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