One Year

Today, I have officially been blogging for one year.


Yep, I first posted on March 21, 2012, that I was quitting Facebook in favor of a more focused, real-world approach to my life and relationships. But I promised to continue to document the things that mattered to me here, for anyone who might care to stay in touch.

And in that year since, I’ve posted approximately six times a month, in a thoroughly tagged, archived, searchable manner that will allow Trent and I to look back on these first years of our marriage and homeownership for as long as WordPress and Flickr exist. The blog also exists for the family and friends sharing these years with us. Everything is here for them just as much as it is for us.

Ashley and John and a stranger on the beach in a Speedo.

Psst… If you invite me to your wedding, you WILL be on this blog.

Now, it hasn’t actually yet been a year since I quit Facebook; I saved that until the uniform date of April 1st (and indeed, some folks thought I was actually pulling an April Fool’s joke – sigh). In a couple weeks, I’ll post again about reaching that anniversary and why all the people who were concerned – yes, concerned – about my life falling apart if I quit Facebook can relax now.


Until then, I’m kicking back and patting myself on the back, because a year ago I gave myself a project: a personal project in a year already sure to be overflowing with more important ones. And exactly 12 months later, I haven’t abandoned it.

Because I went to Catholic school, dammit. I was raised by an engineer. I had to make my bed EVERY MORNING once I was old enough to stand, to standards that would impress old Italians. I ate the same lunch, packed by my mother in a brown bag, every day for 12 years (okay, except the occasional times I had enough money of my own in high school to ditch it in favor of Taco Bell and I STILL feel guilty about that – sorry, mom). I had to do my homework FIRST THING when I walked in the door every night, then I had to practice piano for at least an hour, and then I got fed dinner, with which I was NEVER allowed to drink pop (yes, POP).

This turned me into the kind of person who, when she says she’s gonna do something…

She does it.

Unlike eating the same lunch for 12 years, this task has been fulfilling and enjoyable, and I will keep it going, so thank you for reading, friends – I hope you keep it up.

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9 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    Happy blogiversary!

  2. lisatemp says:

    Gratz. I have a lot of versaries these days.

  3. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You threw my lunch away?!?!? That’s okay. I think you turned out very well. And one year from now we will, no doubt, be celebrating another anniversary. Because with someone like you, all things shall go along as planned. And there is nothing wrong with that. This blog takes the place of the scrapbook. Remember the scrapbooks I used to make for you? Well, it’s hereditary. And grandma made her bed every day too! Don’t stop. Your chronicles of a life well lived are an inspiration to all of us. Love, Mom

  4. CA Mom says:

    You make me smile… keep doing it!
    CA MOM

  5. dtswampa says:

    While I haven’t quite overcome my addiction to Facebook, your blog was definitely one of the driving forces behind me creating a blog of my own. Thanks for your continuing inspiration in all that you do and share…

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