Into the Forest…

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

Our food forest has officially begun. Deposit paid to our wonderful (friends and) designers and everything.

Now, I’m not gonna lie — these early stages are plain old fun. We lie in the backyard, talking a lot with Katy and Felipé about what kinds of plants we’re going to grow: where, how, and why.

Katy shows us pretty educational materials. We drink a few beers while we’re at it, and eat the enormous oranges that our neighbor just can’t pick fast enough from his tree. We lament that we have just tooo many fruit trees; we can’t wait to have some beans. And artichokes. But man — we don’t want a high water bill! And no weeds (unless they’re useful, of course, which Katy points out that a lot of them are). We take some measurements. Trent occasionally makes some grand gestures and sweeping artistic statements.

There’s very little dirt and sweat right now, but it’s coming. And along with it, apparently — a whole lot of cardboard and manure.

Some things we're dreaming about...

Some things we’re dreaming about…

Our existing fruit trees are gonna give us a head start!

Our existing fruit trees are gonna give us a head start!

But for now, we’re just blissfully in love with this decision, and everything it will mean for us, our home, our community, and our grocery budget in the years to come.


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7 thoughts on “Into the Forest…

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You two don’t ever do anything small. Only big ideas in a big, beautiful way! You have certainly lived up to my wedding toast – to make the world a more beautiful place. You are doing it. The flowers on that fruit tree are gorgeous! I can almost reach into that picture and pick them. And I imagine laying on the lounge chairs, under those trees, dreaming about and planning a yard (and drinking beer, which makes you more imaginative, no doubt) that will be wonderful to look at and wonderful to eat. I want to move to California now!


    MI Mom

  2. Carla Daniels says:

    Weeds are useful? Who knew! Well, Katy obviously…

  3. CA Mom says:

    Have fun and remember it takes time and “stuff” grows like crazy in your neck of the woods… so plant SMALL … or you’ll be spending all your time take out in 4-5 years!!! So.. leave some space! You’re lucky to have folks to work with who know what is what. Enjoy!

  4. I can’t wait to shop in your produce store!! 😉

  5. […] Brett and Dave from SF Landscapes came to meet with us. We ran through the latest revision of OPERATION: New Yard, tweaking our timetables and start tasks one more time now that we’ve been graced with the […]

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