Friday Flashback: Vol. II

Yep, it’s official:

Friday Flashback is an ongoing series!

I mean, how can I not make it one? It’s just too great of an idea. Especially for someone with ELEVENTY JILLION old photos, perfectly organized (many already digitized) and ripe for the blogging.

And after all – this blog’s roots can be traced to my wedding centerpieces, which I managed to construct out of photos of me and all 250 guests at my wedding. You know I’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to keep doing ridiculous things like that.

So because her surprise email is responsible for jump-starting this idea, I’m making sure Suzy Mortiere-Abesamis makes a repeat appearance in Volume II. But I’m ALSO throwing in Rebecca Retzler in a SWEET University of Michigan cheerleader’s outfit.


The many girls of the Redford Gang, getting a violin lesson from Martha most likely on a Rose Bowl day in the 80s, otherwise I'm pretty sure Becks wouldn't have been wearing the cheerleader outfit... I THINK...

The many girls of the Redford Gang, getting a violin lesson from Martha. Most likely on Michigan – Ohio State day some time in the 80s, otherwise I’m pretty sure Beck wouldn’t have been wearing the cheerleader outfit… I THINK…

Getting Beck’s BEAUTIFUL wedding invite and catching up for an hour over the phone was a real highlight of my week. I can’t wait to go to Seattle this summer and make peace signs when she and Jason walk down the aisle! Though, I don’t know if I’ll be able to snag anything in “handprint” to wear… 😐

Stay tuned until next Friday… You could be the lucky person I embarrass next!

(You really could — I got every single person at my wedding, remember…)

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2 thoughts on “Friday Flashback: Vol. II

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    When it comes to archiving photos, I don’t know anyone better than you, Lisa! When you were little, you used to lay on the floor for hours, looking through old photo albums and scrapbooks. Obviously, this early childhood behavior had an impact! I may have a few “Friday Flashbacks” of my own to share with you! Love, MI Mom

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