4 de Mayo

Well, today it’s 6 de Mayo, but this blog is about two days ago.

Two days ago, I realized, was a BIG DAY.

If I had realized it sooner, and been less busy, I would have planned to blog about it on the ACTUAL day. But here I am, nonetheless, catching up two days later. Good enough, in this world.

4 de Mayo is the one year anniversary of our closing on 3675! Dang, that went fast…

3675 back in May of 2012, before we knew what we were in for...

3675 back in May of 2012, before we knew what we were in for (and before anyone cut that damn bush back)…

Now, we didn’t move into the house until June, so we’ll celebrate proper when that anniversary arrives. But all the work really started that first weekend… While Trent was off nearly killing himself mountain biking for Scott’s bachelor party, I was back home, nearly killing myself by tearing back and forth between SF and Oakland, locking down all the estimates for 30k worth of repairs and upgrades.

And THAT is why I get back scratches every night for the rest of my life. 😉

I always imagined I would make a list of all the things we’ve tackled in the first year once this milestone arrived, but I honestly don’t even know if I can think of everything any more. There’s been SO MUCH. And we had so many awesome helpers; I think by now I’ve given all credit where it’s due, but one more time — GIANNI BUILDING, all the parents, Mike Sexton, Michael Raderman, Juan Ming + Crew, Katy, Felipé, Chris the awesome 24-hour electrician, etc…

Still, I gotta give that list a shot. So, here goes (in a delightfully random and nonsensical order):

  • Removed the garbage disposal and rerouted the kitchen plumbing lines.
  • Replaced the kitchen drain pipe.
Our completely clogged drain pipe.

Remember how fun this was?

  • Repaired the cracked foundation.
  • Seismically retrofitted the entire house, including installing shear walls, foundation bolts, and a motion-sensitive gas line shutoff.
  • Repaired or replaced all the house’s exterior doors and windows; some more than once.
  • Painted the inside of the house, but first re-mud-and-taped all the effed up drywall.
Sam at home in the new house.

Pup watching paint dry.

  • Added molding to the office.
  • Replaced the majority of the 100-year-old water lines in the house.
  • Replaced all the electrical outlets in the house and the entire interior of the house’s electrical box; also added GFCIs where needed.
  • Transformed our master bedroom closet from a nursery (yep) back into a functioning closet.
  • Tore down and rebuilt the deck; have now stained it TWICE and repaired it once (well, we’ve actually repaired it twice, too…)
Deck joists and Kyle butt.

Going up…

Lazy Sam by the mulch.

Yardwork foreman?

New fridge being installed.

New fridge, dammit!

Making a house a home. Slowwwlllyyy.

Making a house a home. Slowwwlllyyy.

Is that it? I guess so… Hmm…

I’m thinking about doing nothing tonight. Or else, switching to car chores instead?

On Saturday – our actual houseiversary – Trent and I were in Port Costa with Marlene, Michael, the pups, Munga, and Char (Munga and Char were in town on a week-long visit from Michigan). T and I were sitting outside at the Warehouse Cafe watching the ships go by, drinking some cold beers, while everyone else was down by the water hunting for sea glass in the rocks.

And we decided that life is pretty good for Team Temple. As stressful as it has been this year, and as stressful as it will surely continue to be, as we tackle things like farming and putting a new roof on, well… We’re going to remember how darn good it is.

It’s in no way perfect (and we enjoy sharing the parts that aren’t, if you haven’t noticed), but we have each other, money to pay the bills, we live in a beautiful place, we work hard, and we’re seeing the fruits of our labor before our eyes (literally). If that’s all we ever get from this life, well… Good enough.

We’ll always have 3675. And it’s not-rotten deck.

Team Temple (plus Peep the pup): veteran homeowners of one year. 5.4.13.

Team Temple (plus Peep the pup): veteran homeowners of one year. 5.4.13.

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4 thoughts on “4 de Mayo

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    It is amazing to see all the things you accomplished this year. I didn’t think it would take you long to whip that place into shape. You have conquered home ownership, and you did it without Xanax. And, more important, you have taken the time to realize how lucky you are to live such a blessed life. Enjoy! Love, MI Mom

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    By the way, the grandparents commend you. They said you did more in one year than some people do in an entire lifetime of home ownership. The they got teary eyed talking about it. Love, MI Mom

  3. […] after living in 3675 for only 14 months, and just 12 months past the end of a major sweep of renovations, we can now say we’ve successfully executed Project: New Roof. ALL the old roofs are gone, […]

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