Friday Flash-WAAAYYY-Back, Vol. IV

Flashin’ WAAAYYY back this Friday, folks.

I came home from work to discover two early birthday packages from Munga waiting behind the porch steps. They were filled with the gifts I requested:

Old family photos.

There’s NOTHING I love more than old photos. And so for this Friday flashback, I’m takin’ you all the way back. To before my existence.


Baldassare and Maria Minaudo, my great-grandparents, on their wedding day about 100 years ago. Straight from Sicily to my foyer wall.

Baldassare and Maria Minaudo, my great-grandparents, on their wedding day about 100 years ago. Straight from Sicily to my foyer wall.

I’m so happy to have these, I don’t even know where to begin. Especially this one, above, which my mom took to a professional restorer in the 80s after rescuing it from near demise in a cedar chest.

But alright, it’s not really a flashback if I don’t put an embarrassing photo of myself in it, too. So here’s me with my very same “Grandma Mary” in 1979. Dig it:

Grandma Mary, Lisa, and Suzette the stuffed poodle.

+ Suzette, the poodle. And a rosary.

I totally remember her house, that crocheted pillow, the plastic on her furniture, and the Stella D’oro “cookies” she used to feed me when my mom would bring me to visit (read: Stella D’oros are not cookies – siiiggghhh).

Still, what I wouldn’t give now to be back in that house eating a crappy Italian coffee biscuit, hearing some stories about the old country from Grandma Mary.

Luckily, I’m on my way to Fresno this weekend where I fully intend to mine Trent’s grandma, Dorothy, for stories and old family photos so I can flash waaayyy back again soon.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Flash-WAAAYYY-Back, Vol. IV

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I had no idea that you still had vivid memories of your great grandma! How nice that you can appreciate all of that old family history. I am happy the gifts arrived safely (that didn’t take very long), and that you will enjoy them so much. It is great to build memories. When we get old the memories and the pictures are all we have left. So save up lots of them now and bank them for your future. And, for the record, I never like Stella D’Oro cookies until I was an old lady. Now I like to dunk them in my coffee. Must be an “old, Italian lady thing.”
    Love, MI Mom

  2. Marge Wisniewski says:

    The grandparents enjoyed the blog. And I still have the crocheted pillow, in case you want that for your collection.

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