One if by land, two if by sea, 6 hours if by air…


That’s how long it takes to get to Boston from San Francisco on a non-stop Virgin America flight!

I know because we just took one. Don’t worry – it actually goes by really fast because you get FREE TV AND MOVIES on Virgin, on your own personal monitor. Which means you can EASILY pass the time watching a full marathon of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa Giudice and her awfulfabulous outfits kept me enthralled until we landed on Friday and kicked off our four-day mini-vacation to visit Cindy, Julie, and Ed. No house stress, no work stress, just fun with old friends. Three really, really awesome old friends, too. And if I had to mesh three people into one weekend, I can’t really think of a better combination than these three. Shockingly, Cindy, Julie, and Ed had never all been in the same room, despite knowing me for almost 25 years, almost 15 years, and almost 7 years, respectively. But – they’ve all been in the same room now. And that room included a combined 8 straws in one fishbowl.


I’m not sure where to begin…

Making this trip was really important to me precisely because this gang of people is collectively so stellar. It had been waaayyy too long since I visited Downtown Julie Brown – after my roommates, the best girlfriend I ever made in college. I hadn’t been to Boston since 2005, and Julie had been on a back-breaking graduate school odyssey since then, working on her masters degree at the Boston Architectural Center. Yet somehow in all that, she’d managed to make it to San Francisco TWICE to see me.

Jules being the better friend and visiting me in SF, 2009.

Jules being the better friend and visiting me in SF, 2009.

Jules finished her masters and all her internship requirements over a year ago now, and I was well past-due to celebrate her achievements with her. So, watch out – here come me and my husband to crash in your apartment and ruin your privacy with your boyfriend (Adam; luckily, he’s cool) for four days!

Karaokeing some Cinderella with Jules at Do Re Mi in Boston.

Karaokeing some Cinderella with Jules at Do Re Mi in Boston. You truly don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, folks.

Speaking of back-breaking graduate school odysseys… Ed had just started his own, at Harvard. And adjusting to life in the Bay Area without Ed has not been easy. He’s one of those people who helped shape my experience of San Francisco; I mean, the man pretty much turned my world upside down by introducing me to soyrizo.

Ed: commander of my social life.

Ed: commander of my social life. San Ma-Awesome, 2011.

The stress of life without Ed – no more bottomless mimosa dates leading to late-night karaoke sessions followed by soyrizo burritos followed by ridiculously large orders of breakfast dim sum to wash away the shame – coupled with my too-long separation from Julie… It was too much to bear. I had to do something about not being in Boston. Fast.

Reunited and it feels so gooooood! (that would be a good karaoke song, btw)

Reunited and it feels so gooooood! (that would be a good karaoke song, btw)

But that wasn’t it! On top of ALL THAT, Cindy – one of my very oldest friends in the world – wound up in Boston after marrying a fantastic Harvard grad of her own (Andy). And although Trent and I have seen them in Chicago and Michigan a couple times these past few years, I never pass up an opportunity to see Cindy. She is one of my favorite people and always has been – since the 6th grade. I’ve expressed my love for Cind on this blog before. A few times.

Me and Cindy on her wedding day, 2011.

Me and Cindy on her wedding day, 2011.

There are things I will always hold dear about Cindy from childhood – like the fact that she got hit by a car over the summer between 9th and 10th grade, and was still one of very few teenagers who braved coming to my father’s funeral. Her mom brought her in a wheelchair.

That’s a 100% true story (though, just to be clear, I do not hold dear the fact that she got hit by the car – just that she still wanted to come to the funeral).

Plus, she’s pregnant! And, as I predicted, she’s just about the cutest goddamn pregnant girl you’ve EVER SEEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. I couldn’t miss out on seeing that.

Me and Cindy + unborn Baby Girl Weflen.

So, all these fabulous people really are PLENTY reason enough to make a trip to Boston. And I’m so glad we did it. We had an awesome time, and we’ll be back – much sooner this time.

But there’s one last reason why we had to make this trip…

Trent once now-famously proclaimed he thought Boston…


in the…




It’s right up there with the “national shopping mall” comment. It gives a history and geography buff and all-around walking audio tour like me HIVES. I mean, I love him to death, but… HIVES.

So, we flew to Boston – the actual Boston, the one on the Atlantic Ocean – and I marched him down the Freedom Trail and we went to the Old South Meeting House and the Old North Church and even if there had been no Real Housewives of New Jersey on that flight, the six hours would have been well worth it.

Boston Strong (and not in the Midwest)!

Boston Strong (and not in the Midwest)!


Sell all the pics of our Beantown trip here.

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13 thoughts on “One if by land, two if by sea, 6 hours if by air…

  1. Cindy Weflen says:

    It was so amazing to see you guys – thanks for visiting!! I love that Trent though Boston was in the midwest – hilarious.

  2. Carla says:

    Cheers to old friends!! I miss Eddo.

  3. Marge Wisniewski says:

    Lisa and Trent, you have good friends because you are good friends! You have discovered one of the great blessings in life. I remember Cindy at the funeral and Ed’s wedding speech and all the funny stories you have told me over the years. And I may have to start watching the ” RealHousewives of New Jersey”. Life is good in the Midwest. Love, MI Mom

  4. Aww how fun! I hope you had dim sum and mimosas with Ed!

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