Friday Flashback, Vol. V

It’s time to flash back again, this time to that most bountiful era of embarrassing photos…


Tonight, my college roommate, bridesmaid, and all-around partner in crime, Anna, arrives for her first-ever visit to the Bay Area. Trent will be out of town for the weekend, helping out my other best girlfriend, Kim, at her nonprofit in Michigan. Anna and I will be on our own, on a girls-only cocktails-aplenty adventure.

Because, you know – who needs to do good things like present to high schoolers at an educational nonprofit when you could, um, be drinking cocktails aplenty with your girlfriends?

Anna’s super-sweet hubby and doting father of her children, Vince, bought her this plane ticket for her birthday. He used his hard-earned frequent flier miles. And this ain’t no 30,000-mile ticket, peeps – this is a 50,000-MILE ticket. So we’re gonna make the most of it – starting now, as I warm up by reliving all our ridiculous adventures over the years, and all the reasons why I looove Anna. I gotta make the next eight hours go by quickly!

So, here comes something ridiculous in saturated 90s Kodak color – with date stamp!


    Me and Anna, the night before I left for study abroad, drunk in our pajamas, at about 2:00 AM, wet from running around in the BLIZZARD OF '99.

Me and Anna, the night before I left for study abroad, drunk in our pajamas, at about 2:00 AM. We’re wet because OBVIOUSLY the only place to be hanging out at 2:00 AM on January 3rd was outside, during the BLIZZARD OF ’99.

I’m pretty sure the concernicus look on my face is due to the fact that seven feet of snow had fallen outside, and our cars are underneath it, and I was set to take an afternoon trans-Atlantic flight the next day. And I’m wasted. Oh yeah – and it’s 2:00 AM. College judgement at its best!

I wish I could say this is the only drunk photo I have of Anna and I in our pajamas between 1996 and 2000, but – it’s not.

However, what really disturbs me about this photo is…


I… I… have a faint recollection of having this device implanted in my hand… All the Busch Light seems to have washed away any memory of its purpose, though…

Anna, anxiously awaiting your arrival to help me plug the holes!!!

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8 thoughts on “Friday Flashback, Vol. V

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Those college years were really something. I remember this night, and the next morning, carrying your luggage out to the street through six feet of snow, driving you to the airport an waiting for hours for your plane to take off while you paced in mortal fear of flying, and then putting you on the plane, where you proceeded to pass out in C.T.’s lap. I will always be grateful to him for that. I am sure that wasn’t the last night you spent drunk and wet on your porch. Ah, the memories………….

  2. Nicole McCloud says:

    Now THAT is funny. I was thinking the same thing about the phone! We’re not really THAT old, are we?

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