Post-Script: Anna in SF

Ahhh… Anna Beattie Massey has now finally been to visit me.

Former roomies on our tourist odyssey.

Former roomies on our tourist odyssey.

We did ALL the touristy things. ALL THE THINGS. Seriously. All of them.

I think…

Cable cars
Painted ladies
Big trees
Crooked roads
Straight roads

These woods are lovely, dark and deep...

These woods are lovely, dark and deep…

Hmm… Is there anything we didn’t do?

Well, we didn’t do Alcatraz. Because the boats are sold out too far in advance during the summer (write that down, those of you thinking of visiting SF for the first time!)… And we didn’t go to Golden Gate Park, because it just got too damn damp and foggy by Day Three (WRITE THAT DOWN, those of you thinking of visiting SF for the first time!)…

Actually, there’s a short list of things we didn’t do. I’m not gonna lie. But that’s a good thing, because it means Anna has a reason to come back.

But the two BIG stereotypically-Californian things we didn’t do bear special mention. What are they, you ask? I know you’re dying to know…

Well, for one, we didn’t get to go to a gay wedding. And I’m REALLY bummed about that, because the stupid Supreme Court had to wait until two days after Anna left to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and send Proposition 8 back to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, effectively legalizing gay marriage here once again (and hopefully, permanently).

If they’d timed that better, we could have BOTH celebrated the greatest civil rights victory of our lifetimes, under the rainbow flags of the Castro. The nerve of them – SERIOUSLY, Ruth Bader-G.

BUUUT, I’m trying to get over it, since we aren’t gay. I AM gonna pretend this pic is of us celebrating the victory, though…

WEEE!!! Gay marriage is legal! Wait – not yet. We're just paying $5 to ride the cable car one mile.

“WEEE!!! Gay marriage is legal!” No wait – not for two more days. We’re just paying $6 to ride the cable car one mile for the heck of it.

And the second big “Californian” thing we didn’t do that I gotta proclaim in a public forum? Well…

We didn’t survive an earthquake.

And yeah, I don’t really want to have an earthquake, but it just seems like it would be more fun if it happened when I was being visited by someone I used to get drunk in my pajamas with.


"EARTHQUAKE!!!" Wait, no... That's just Anna in front of a Silent Disco on Rodeo Beach. Something else uniquely Californian (and stupid).

“EARTHQUAKE!!!” Wait, no… Anna just discovered a Silent Disco on Rodeo Beach. Something else uniquely Californian (and ridiculous).


See all the pics of Anna in SF here.

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8 thoughts on “Post-Script: Anna in SF

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Okay, the next time I visit SF I want to celebrate the gay rights victory with you and watch a silent disco on the beach. Since you are the best tour director ever, I am sure you will make that happen. And the oysters made me miss SF too! You sure do know how to show a girl a good time! (But we can skip the earthquake!)

  2. You’ll have to join in next time 😉

  3. Viola says:

    Ah, nicely done. Brava, ladies, brava!!

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