Second Time’s The Charm

This weekend, I watched my very oldest friend in the world get married on the most beautiful piece of coastline in Seattle.

Sunset in the Olympic Mountains during Becki and Jason's wedding, July 6, 2013.

Sunset in the Olympic Mountains during Becki and Jason’s wedding, July 6, 2013.

She’s been married once before, and the first time around she chose a pretty great guy. She just didn’t choose the right guy (happens to a lot of us). At the start of this year, I wrote about how everyone deserves a second chance in life. When I wrote those words, I had plenty of people and situations in mind – Becki actually wasn’t one of them. But seeing how happy she is right now reaffirms my not-so-original wisdom.

Beck’s new beginning reminded me that those second chances really are everything. Which of us gets it all right the first time around? Certainly not me. From spending 9+ years out of college with a perfectly nice, good-looking Mr. Wrong, to taking a job I had to quit after 10 months because I just could not grin and bear it, to killing my first tomato plants, we all get it wrong some times.

And then, usually, that’s followed by getting it right.



(although, I’m still waiting for my black krim heirlooms to ripen…)

Congrats, Becki and Jason!


See all our pics of 4th of July in Seattle here.




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One thought on “Second Time’s The Charm

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Thanks for your wisdom and inspiration, Lisa. As someone who picks bad jobs like other people pick bad husbands, I know what second chances can bring. I guess we should never be afraid to change our minds and take a chance. You just never know what good is in store for us if we do. Congratulations, Becki and Jason!

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