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Onwards and Upwards

In a swirl of colorful, oddly captivating and sometimes downright disturbing art, Trenton Temple is leaving his job as Art Director of Juxtapoz Magazine.

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years...

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years…

Eight years with High Speed Productions – five of them spent primarily on Thrasher, these past three, directing Jux – come to an end on Thursday. Today, Trent took Sammy to work with him for the last time, and Sammy barked at all the gnarly old skateboarders and got his final licks of blood off the pavement at the meatpacking plant next door.

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Yard Update: August

When the rains stopped this year, we set out with some grand visions for 3675’s backyard.

They haven’t been realized yet, but we’ve at least turned them from “visions” into a “plan” (and damn, I love plans).


We worked with Katy and Felipe all spring and summer on this “plan” – to turn our backyard into an intelligent, sustainable, beautiful, permaculture habitat that will provide us (indeed, our whole dang neighborhood) with a wealth of food for as long as we live here, with minimal human intervention (because, let’s face it – we don’t want to work THAT hard). It’s based on our specific soil, our specific sun and wind exposure, runoff patterns on our little patch of earth. Continue reading

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Museum of Us

Introducing: Where you came from.

Introducing: Where you came from.

This month, we took a giant leap forward in transforming 3675 into our dream home – what we refer to as the “Museum of Us” (not to mention, we moved forward with scheduling our new roof, removing two trees, and getting half our fence replaced).

After all, the Museum of Us is a container for, first and foremost, US. Continue reading

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Raise the Roof!

All THREE of them!

And put on a new one!

Jim and Co. from Ideal Roofing start work on September 2nd, and we’re told it will only take three days to completely reinvent 3675’s roof. Keeping our fingers crossed on that one because – really – there are three roofs on our 100-year-old house.

And we’re going for the best! We want ALL the old crap off, all the scary stuff underneath fixed (we know it’s under there), new gutters – the works!

So yeah… Three days.

Hopefully they can reroof our house faster than we picked a shingle sample.

Moire Black or Thunderstorm Gray? This is haaarrrddd...

Moire Black or Thunderstorm Gray? This is haaarrrddd…



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Welcome Wagon

We finally have some East Bay homeowner friends!

This weekend, we welcomed Jessica and Larry to the wonderful, curse-word-filled world with ironically flawless weather we call “homeownership in the East Bay.” We’re so happy to have them (in El Cerrito)!

Larry grillin' us up some snacks in his new backyard!

Larry grillin’ us up some snacks in his new backyard!

To be fair, we already had lots of awesome friends in the East Bay (LOTS – you know who you are); it’s just that none of them had yet chosen to hitch themselves to a mortgage. And now we have Jess and Larry to commiserate with over things like rose pruning and new roofs.

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