Yard Update: August

When the rains stopped this year, we set out with some grand visions for 3675’s backyard.

They haven’t been realized yet, but we’ve at least turned them from “visions” into a “plan” (and damn, I love plans).


We worked with Katy and Felipe all spring and summer on this “plan” – to turn our backyard into an intelligent, sustainable, beautiful, permaculture habitat that will provide us (indeed, our whole dang neighborhood) with a wealth of food for as long as we live here, with minimal human intervention (because, let’s face it – we don’t want to work THAT hard). It’s based on our specific soil, our specific sun and wind exposure, runoff patterns on our little patch of earth.

Now that it’s August, we’ve decided that actually starting “the plan” is better left until next spring. Instead, we’ve chosen to put on a new roof (we really should do that before we get too crazy, after all) and do just the preliminary work the yard requires – removing two trees and rebuilding half our fence. All that will be done before October. Then we’ll spend the winter dreaming about the end of the rains and the return of spring, when we’ll start moving earth and laying drip lines, pulling out (crappy) old flagstone and planting groundcover.


This is just one of about 50 beautiful pages of designs, charts, tables, indexes, etc., that the supersmart Katy and Felipe left us with (read: don’t try this without them), to fuel our dreams until spring.

And our appetites…

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4 thoughts on “Yard Update: August

  1. Marge Wisniewski says:

    The plans themselves are works of art! I get hungry just thinking about all the delicious food that will be growing in your backyard! Every one of those “swirls” represents a delicious fruit or vegetable that will nourish the neighborhood, and I can’t wait to see what happens. It must be great to have Katy and Felipe to educate you on how to make the world a beautiful and more nourishing place. And it is great to get to be able to enjoy the gifts from the earth.

  2. I cannot wait to see this play out – how exciting!

  3. […] drought even forced us to change the timetable for our backyard redo. Without any moisture, breaking ground in our clay soil would be nearly impossible. And then… […]

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