Onwards and Upwards

In a swirl of colorful, oddly captivating and sometimes downright disturbing art, Trenton Temple is leaving his job as Art Director of Juxtapoz Magazine.

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years...

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years…

Eight years with High Speed Productions – five of them spent primarily on Thrasher, these past three, directing Jux – come to an end on Thursday. Today, Trent took Sammy to work with him for the last time, and Sammy barked at all the gnarly old skateboarders and got his final licks of blood off the pavement at the meatpacking plant next door.


Trent’s not really sniffing, though – it’s definitely time to move on. And he’s moving on to something much bigger and much more creatively stimulating. Not to mention, with a much bigger paycheck (yaaayyy, says Wife and House!).

So, watch out, because we’re now WELL BUDGETED to stay busy this fall and winter on all the projects our hearts desire.

But we did take a moment to do a couple things one must do, upon leaving their job of eight years. Especially a job like Trent’s, where he’s truly been part of a “family” (the wildest one you’ll ever meet; with this, it’s hard to argue)…

  1. Have a party
  2. Drink tequila
Eight years! I'm out.

Eight years! I’m out.

How one cures their hangover the morning after their tequila-fueled send-off...

How one cures their hangover the morning after their tequila-fueled send-off…

And now that that’s done…

Congrats to Trent on a great job at High Speed, a BEAUTIFUL magazine in Juxtapoz, and exciting job adventures (+ home improvement adventures) to come!

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3 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Congratulations, Trent! Awesome magazine cover! It’s great to leave a place on good terms and enter another with so much promise and excitement! (And the money ain’t bad either, right?) I bet that wacky little skateboard family will miss you. (And Sammy will miss the meatpacking plant. Gosh, that dog is funny.) Can I get a couple of copies of your last magazine? An autograph would be nice, too. (I am such a mom!)

  2. lisatemp says:

    You’re getting magazines. Promise.

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