I killed it. But I DID eat it.

I killed it. But I DID eat it.

Gah. This photo fills me with so much shame.

That is our FIRST Emerald Apple tomato. Our plant is FULL of them but, not being too “pro” at growing green tomatoes, I’ve been nervous about how to tell when one is ripe.

So, I picked this one a couple days ago, and I’ve been letting it ripen a little longer on the kitchen windowsill. I was thinking Trent and I would sample it this weekend together and toast our awesome heirloom tomato prowess (even though my Black Krims STIIILLL AAAARRRRE NNNOOOT RIIIPPPE).

And then…

My coworker Ben resigned (boo – he was one of my faves).

And we had to have an epic happy hour (had to).

And I came home a little tipsy (I really thought it was just a little; Trent says it was more like a lot).

And I ate the tomato.

I don’t remember eating it, though.

But I did find this evidence on my phone (I guess I drunkenly intended to document the eating and make it a momentous occasion)?

I think it looks like it was pretty good…


I guess I’ll pick the others now.

Tomato snack for tomorrow.

Tomato snack for tomorrow.

More Emeralds on the plant... I swear I'll remember every one of you.

More Emeralds on the plant… I swear I’ll remember every one of you.

It’s all Ben’s fault.

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3 thoughts on “Murder

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I am relieved to see that these gorgeous tomato specimens have survived your rampage, long enough to get a photo of them. But I am sure you will enjoy the “tomato massacre” later. Most people just crave munchies when they ingest alcohol. Never heard of someone eating an entire gigantic tomato! You must have liked Ben a lot!

  2. Jessy Oates says:

    I am growing Romas…we should have a tomato swap!

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