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Another One For the Fam

Our special little 21st century family has grown by one – and this one actually has some of Trent’s DNA!

Meet William Bradley Babiak, our newest little cousin and geographically closest relation (along with his parents, of course; we haven’t forgotten they exist, but Will does tend to take over the room)…

"Ay yi yi! Are you sure she knows what she's doing?"

“Ay yi yi! Are you sure she knows what she’s doing?”

We can’t get enough of his cute little face and his teensy, tiny, little newborn parts. We’re so excited to have him in our lives here in the Bay Area! And if that weren’t enough, soon he’ll be joined by another relation: we’re headed to Fresno this weekend to celebrate the impending arrival of our niece and goddaughter (yes! a real niece!), but more on that soon enough…

Suffice it to say, while we’ve still chosen to remain childless ourselves, we’re more excited than ever for the proliferation of other people’s babies flooding into our lives. The Team Temple JV Squad…


I just realized someone might beg to differ with me on the “childless” part…

We have problems.

We have problems.

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Brilliant Idea: Clean Plate Club

If anyone is wondering, I’m still off Facebook, and loving it (18 months and counting, actually).

I have, however, developed something of a passion for Instagram. And I’m not into it because it allows me to “share” my life, or keep tabs on others. Case in point: I follow/am followed by about 60 Instagram profiles (some of which aren’t even people, but rather brands I find useful for work), as opposed to the FIVE HUNDRED friends I had on Facebook (a good deal of which I didn’t even really like; although if you’re reading this, I swear I’m not talking about you).

So, how did I come to love Instagram? Continue reading

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Mending Fences: Part 2

And so, we come to the end of the long, arduous, messy, and sometimes violent project known as Operation: NEW FENCE.

Our very un-janky new redwood fence (plus one of many piles of stuff that got in its way).

Our very un-janky new redwood fence (plus one of many piles of stuff that got in its way).

Really, how this differs from just about every other project we’ve taken on… hmm… I guess it’s just the “violent” part. Continue reading

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Mending Fences: Part 1

Check out our newly-cleared west yard, now with 50% more sun exposure:

Hello, sunshine!

Hello, sunshine!

!!! Continue reading

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Third Time’s The Charm

Back in May, we decided to paint our porch steps.

That was a good idea, since they were BEYOND UGGO. Except ever since then, we’ve been thinking we really shoulda just gone the distance and repainted the whole porch (apologies for no “before photo,” but you’ll just have to take my word for it; it’s reeeaaallly not that hard to imagine). The shiny new porch steps just forced us to the realization that, well…

The whole surface of the porch was BEYOND UGGO. Probably not repainted for at least 20 years.

Also, there was just something about where our new paint job met the old paint job… As uggo as that old paint was, the footprints just swept off it easier. I, being the anal-retentive I am, could often be found on my hands and knees, making intentional dusty smudges on the two sections of floor and test-wiping them up with my trusty spritzer of 409…

Anyway, enter Team Temple with a “simple weekend project:” repaint the porch surface, and the black surface of the porch steps: Continue reading

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