Third Time’s The Charm

Back in May, we decided to paint our porch steps.

That was a good idea, since they were BEYOND UGGO. Except ever since then, we’ve been thinking we really shoulda just gone the distance and repainted the whole porch (apologies for no “before photo,” but you’ll just have to take my word for it; it’s reeeaaallly not that hard to imagine). The shiny new porch steps just forced us to the realization that, well…

The whole surface of the porch was BEYOND UGGO. Probably not repainted for at least 20 years.

Also, there was just something about where our new paint job met the old paint job… As uggo as that old paint was, the footprints just swept off it easier. I, being the anal-retentive I am, could often be found on my hands and knees, making intentional dusty smudges on the two sections of floor and test-wiping them up with my trusty spritzer of 409…

Anyway, enter Team Temple with a “simple weekend project:” repaint the porch surface, and the black surface of the porch steps:

At least all the sanding, caulking, and trim work wasn't in vain...

At least all the sanding, caulking, and trim work wasn’t in vain…

And maybe some other stuff inside the porch, too, because you know – once you get started…

So yeah. Not so “simple.” Also, not so “weekend.” Turns out I have now purchased THREE different rounds of materials from Sherwin-Williams for this job. And Trent has now painted the steps THREE times. And the ENTIRE surface of the porch. Plus parts of the walls. And resanded and repainted the main door threshold, too.

Hmm... Not really something we thought we'd do, but...

Hmm… Not really something we thought we’d do, but…

Sure looks a hell of a lot better!

Sure looks a hell of a lot better!


And it is not for lack of research and planning, let me tell you. This is Team Temple we’re talking about.

Some projects just suck. But there is no living with uggo. And now our porch is anything but.

Perfection! Until someone plants a footprint on it...

Perfection! Until someone plants a footprint on it…

Oh – and for those interested, the final winning paint was Sherwin-Williams Armorseal Tread-Plex. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAINT AN OUTDOOR WALKING SURFACE WITH ANYTHING ELSE. Also, do not attempt to let ME actually do the painting. It’s now a well-documented fact that I suck at painting and am…

  1. Prone to tears and temper tantrums at my inabilities to achieve perfection
  2. Known to improperly stir the paint
  3. Highly llikely to run off to Home Depot and hire day laborers
The good shit.

The good shit.

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4 thoughts on “Third Time’s The Charm

  1. CA mom says:

    It looks spectacular! Black is so elegant & it shows every little paw print! So now u need a fab shoe holder so no one walks on said floor with anything that has touched the exterior world! Sam- this could be a rude awakening!
    Hugs from Cairns, Australia & the Great Barrier Reef! Was too awesome! BTW u found Nemo!!!

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    The house looks great! The beauty of your freshly painted stairs and porch really makes your house “pop”. “Team Temple” scores again!

    Ah, you have lived the basic fundamental truths of home improvements:

    (1) Beware what you start. It always turns into a bigger project than initially anticipated. Kind of like peeling an onion. The first layer comes off and there are a dozen more layers underneath that need work.

    (2) It usually takes three trips to the hardware store to get the right equipment. But thank you for providing your paint research. I will never paint a floor until I consult you first.

    (3) Once you start, you can’t stop. You become obsessed until you finish and will paint long hours into the night just to get it done.

    (4) Do not rule out the possibility of using day laborers. At some point you will find the trade offs may be worth it. However, standing back and surveying the beauty of a freshly painted porch must make you feel good.

    (5) There is no perfection in home improvement. Every job (unless you are Team Temple, maybe) is going to have a little imperfection or two. You just have to learn to live with it. (Um, I admit that this one was hard for me to swallow.)

    (6) A sense of humor is vitally important.


    MI Mom

  3. Ellen says:

    Yep, Marge nailed it, especially rule #2!! It drives me crazy but i have learned to accept that one trip per home improvement project is never going to cut it!

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