Mending Fences: Part 1

Check out our newly-cleared west yard, now with 50% more sun exposure:

Hello, sunshine!

Hello, sunshine!


This is because, right in front of that janky-ass piece of leaning fence (I know, you’re thinking, “WHICH ONE?”), there used to be two ginormous trees: an acacia and a bay laurel so big and tangled I swear it had it’s own cell phone tower planted somewhere in between all those trunks.

And now they’re both gone.

While we’re sad we now have to pay for bay leaves when cooking Indian food (at least until we plant a new bay laurel – duh), we’re not sad that…

  1. The beautiful view of downtown San Francisco and Mt. Tamalpais from our upstairs deck is forever preserved
  2. The poor fence has been released from the bay laurel’s grasp, and will never be any jankier than it already is

In fact, it will never be anymore, period. Because tomorrow we’re going to grind that stump down to nothing, and then we’re putting the fence out of it’s misery. That’s the last step before Operation: NEW FENCE begins later this week.

Prepare to meet your maker, stump.

Prepare to meet your maker, stump.

Prepare to meet yours, too, fence.

Prepare to meet yours, too, fence.

And that’s the last step before Operation: NEW YARD begins this spring. You follow?

Anyway, the point is –

The yard is starting to look different already. And we like it. Stay tuned for new fence pics soon…


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2 thoughts on “Mending Fences: Part 1

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Do you ever wonder how old that tree and that fence must be? I hope the mulch goes some place special so it can start the growth process all over again. Ah, the cycle of life. The yard looks terrific without the trees, and I can’t wait to take in the view. And the sunshine will work wonders for the vegetation. Your back yard reminds me of Tuscany. I want to go!

    • lisatemp says:

      Well, the stump is gone now and here I am, up at 5:30 getting ready for work early so I can meet the fence guys when they arrive at 7:30… More soon!

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