Brilliant Idea: Clean Plate Club

If anyone is wondering, I’m still off Facebook, and loving it (18 months and counting, actually).

I have, however, developed something of a passion for Instagram. And I’m not into it because it allows me to “share” my life, or keep tabs on others. Case in point: I follow/am followed by about 60 Instagram profiles (some of which aren’t even people, but rather brands I find useful for work), as opposed to the FIVE HUNDRED friends I had on Facebook (a good deal of which I didn’t even really like; although if you’re reading this, I swear I’m not talking about you).

So, how did I come to love Instagram?

I love photography, I love documenting; not because I feel I need to tell others what I’m doing, but because I get satisfaction out of the feeling that I’ve preserved my life, so I myself can someday look back and relive it. It’s the same reason I made scrapbooks of our family vacations every summer as a kid. The same reason I have 6,892 photos on my Flickr (to date). The same reason I still keep a check register, I guess – you tell me.

I like Instagram not for what it tells me about other people’s lives, but for the interesting visual ideas it gives me for logging moments in mine. I like it because it’s pretty. It’s upped my scrapbooking skillz, peeps.

No joke, but I actually find my husband to be one of the most inspiring people I'm following on Instagram. If he wasn't such a good designer, I'd say he missed his calling.

No joke, but I actually find my husband to be one of the most inspiring people I’m following on Instagram. If he wasn’t such a good designer, I’d say he missed his calling.

However, like Facebook, it still suffers from some drawbacks. Namely, it’s still splattered with my #1 hated feature from the ol’ Blue Drug:

Braggy photos of people’s overly extravagant lunches (I swear I am the ONLY PERSON in the Bay Area who eats microwavable soup for lunch). Or dinners. Or whatever.

Carefully cultivating who I follow has, for the most part, allowed me to avoid the dreaded “food porn.” But it’s simply impossible to avoid it entirely. In fact, I’m coming to the sad realization that food porn is quite possibly a given in our modern American existence.

So, I’ve given up, and with the brilliance of my husband, decided to wage anti-food-porn warfare via Instagram, instead.

It looks like this:



Photos of my empty plates. After I eat really good food.

ISN’T THAT SO INTERESTING? It’s like you can almost taste what I ate except you have NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS. So you don’t care. Which is how I feel when I look at photos of food other people are eating that I CAN’T EAT ANYWAY.

I feel like this is really going to take off, and it’s renewed my interest in the “social” part of social media. Just wait (also, it’s now been documented here, with time stamp, so if anyone tries to steal this idea and actually make money off it – take note that I missed my calling and should have been a lawyer).

Too bad our super-home-improvement budget means we eat almost 100% of our meals at home; get used to my green Crate and Barrel dishes, faithful followers…

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10 thoughts on “Brilliant Idea: Clean Plate Club

  1. autumncbf says:

    Reblogged this on Autumn News and commented:
    Yes, looks like clean plate club.

  2. gabbie2013 says:

    Reblogged this on Gabbie 2013 blog.

  3. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You can start your own “Clean Plate Club” on Instagram. People can submit photos of their empty plates, along with a description of what was on them. Or, better yet, you can donate the contents of your plate to a worthy cause, and then list the cause. You can start your own website. And you could promote “re-purposing”, i.e., not wasting food! What did you do with your leftovers? Take a picture of your leftovers and then donate them to a worthy cause, or use them for compost, or give them to a homeless person. It would be the antithesis of “food porn”! I love the fact that you and Trent view the world from a completely different perspective than the rest of us do!

  4. Ellen says:

    I love the sunset picture, is that from your backyard?

  5. dtswampa says:

    My food porn is limited to BBQ joints… however, I challenge you to look at my picture of brisket with a perfect pink smoke ring around the edge and not call it art 😉

  6. […] with introducing the world to the fabulous #cleanplateclub a few months ago, I’ve now introduced it to the even more […]

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