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The First Time

There will be more to report on this topic – much more – but it’s too epic not to share in short form this very minute, while my brain is still buzzing and my heart is still racing and my tongue is dripping with metaphor.

Trenton Temple has been to The Big HouseInside The Big House. For a game. To see Michigan play Ohio State. In what was arguably the most exciting chapter in this storied rivalry since the Woodson era (ahem – my era). Only one thing could have made it better:

A victory.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.


More from The New York Times: “Ohio State Survives Michigan

and Gets Help From Auburn”

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Gone with the Wind

I have a new enemy.

I didn’t even see it coming; it howled down over the mountains this past Thursday night, totally unexpected. Heretofore, all my meteorological enemies have come from the other direction. But not this one.

Goodbye, beautiful roses I'd been pruning to perfection all fall.

Goodbye, beautiful roses I’d been pruning to perfection all fall.

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Stress Reliever

Ugh. I am feeling the holiday stress big time.

Working for an E-commmerce company makes the months of October and November NOT REALLY VERY MUCH FUN. I wake up at 5:00 in the morning (at best) slightly panicked about metrics and product rankings and live dates and promotional strategies vis à vis creative choices and then I can’t go back to sleep so I just play Words with Friends compulsively to take my mind off of it until I simply MUST get up and get in the shower.

Okay. Sometimes I play Dots, instead. It depends to what degree my panic stems from tactical vs. creative matters, I suppose.

But, hey – I try not to complain too much. Soon it will be December, and for me, that means the holidays are rolling: a.k.a, OVER. And I make a darn good living. And…

I was recently reminded there are actually BETTER weapons in my arsenal than Words with Friends and Dots for turning my mind into happy happy joy joy land.




This is Bentley, our friends’ Old English Bulldog puppy, who spent this past weekend with us as part of Trent’s “Getting the Band Back Together” birthday celebration.

I can’t stop looking at his adorable mug, which I of course plastered all over my phone. He is the best holiday-E-commerce-crunch-stress-reliever EVER. I wake up at 5:00 in the morning and I stare at his little face under the covers so my dog won’t see me cheating on him.

If only Sam hadn’t wanted to rip his little puppy throat open. HE WOULD BE MINE.

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Double Hit

Today is Trenton Temple’s birthday. He’s 34 years old (the youngin’).

I pointed out to him that it’s a special day to be born – exactly nine months after Valentine’s Day. Must explain why he’s the most fiery, passionate, loving man I’ve ever met.

Handsome SuperHubs, just shy of turning 34.

Handsome SuperHubs, just shy of turning 34.

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What Happens in Reno…

…stays in Reno.


But just a tiny smidgen gets posted on the blog. So it can live on forever. Continue reading

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