The First Time

There will be more to report on this topic – much more – but it’s too epic not to share in short form this very minute, while my brain is still buzzing and my heart is still racing and my tongue is dripping with metaphor.

Trenton Temple has been to The Big HouseInside The Big House. For a game. To see Michigan play Ohio State. In what was arguably the most exciting chapter in this storied rivalry since the Woodson era (ahem – my era). Only one thing could have made it better:

A victory.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.


More from The New York Times: “Ohio State Survives Michigan

and Gets Help From Auburn”

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2 thoughts on “The First Time

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    It is a fine family tradition………….. “Go Blue, Always!”

  2. […] we went to Ann Arbor overnight, to see all my friends from college and to wake up early for the Michigan/Ohio State game. But Grandma understood – there was an epic college football rivalry demanding our attention. And […]

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